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Danica Patrick helps give back to military families in need

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick teams up with 'Folds of Honor' to help provide 50 scholarships for military families in need.
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To families, including one whose here with us today lets bring in world renowned retired race, car driver, Danica, Patrick the founder of folds of honor LT, Colonel Dan Rooney and Lauren and Christian Wong. They all join me now. Thank you. All for being here, Danica update our audience. You vowed to do something for military families, and you delivered tell us about it yeah. Well, you know we announced obviously at the beginning of the summer that they were going to do this campaign and raise money for the wounded, the disabled and the fallen family members to support them its just a really cool program that had an incredible response. There was one of the biggest responses I think in history for Omaze and im sure it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a yacht in Monaco with Ro Se and formula one cars, PETE and Danica Patrick
well, thank you, but a good cause. So, anytime, you can pair up an event with a good cause. It really resonates with people, so the response has been incredible. I have a feeling that a large percentage was my friends and family, as I think I heard from all of them, like I said last time, but really really cool and Dan has created such an amazing platform for so many family members to benefit from people just resonating, with giving back and serving in the way that we can PETE absolutely well. I believe you have you can reveal to us how much you raised. Can you yeah? I can thank goodness this check isnt the size of like Happy Gilmore checks, but I think you can see that is two hundred and fifty two thousand dollars and change and incredible incredible campaign. I remember hearing along the way
how it was going and we exceeded even my expectations. So hopefully the family members can serve fifty scholarships thats incredible with one campaign PETE Dan. Are you happy? Oh yeah were so blessed Danica doing gods work together with you is an honor and a privilege, and you hit it right on the head, its fifty scholarships for spouses and children that get to go to school, because you are a hero of mine and a true patriot. Thank you for doing this and we get to meet a couple recipients, which is always the highlight for me PETE. Yes, we do Lauren and Christian. You served our nation for twenty one years, youre recipients of this scholarship. How does it change your life yeah, so its just made so much of an easier job to focus on being a student rather than having to worry about the financial burden of school and just a fantastic job at honoring, our fathers sacrifice
and its been really helpful overall to our family PETE Lauren four years for you right four year scholarship, we each got two years. Pete got it well. Two is great, too: go ahead. Yeah, its just been an incredible opportunity to just pursue my education and to just kind of be able to have the opportunity to pursue a major in a degree. That really means a lot to me and is close to my heart PETE. What is that major by the way share it with us im currently majoring in physiology on a pre med track, PETE and Christian? How about you, mathematics and computer science PETE? There will be plenty of jobs in that field. I have no doubt Danica to see the faces of the lives youre changing what it did mean to you. Its just always makes it real, no matter what charity work, I do seeing people in person or seeing them from a distance, seeing them at a race back in the day or in this unique
platform that we have now in two thousand and twenty. It always resonates a lot deeper and to hear the voices im so glad im. So glad for that, and thank you guys for getting on and wow your majors made me sound a little insecure PETE. All of us were all a little more insecure right now because of their expertise. Thank you so much Colonel Roone Y, as always youre.
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