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Darrell Issa: No reason Pelosi should not pull Swalwell from Intel Committee

2020-12-19 | 🔗
California Congressman-elect Darrell Issa provides insight into Rep. Eric Swalwell facing backlash over allegedly having ties with a Chinese spy.
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Talk about what goes on inside there, but it only raised more questions. The one thing that was fundamentally answered he should not be on Intel. I just think there are definitely two hundred other Democrats that I know could fill that place. Strong words from House Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, are a finally receiving a briefing on Congressman Eric swalwells ties on a chinese spy. He had J Jed former congressman Darrell Issa witnessed his rise to the ranks to join the Intel committee. Congressman Elect Issa joins us now Congressman elect thanks for being here. We have been following this story closely. It get more fascinating by the day. What do you make of Kevin Mccarthys comments? Strong words? He should not be on Intel. Well, I think people have to understand the select committee on intelligence which I served on. It is a committee where either the ranking member, Mr Mccarthy or the speaker,
depending upon your party, chooses who sits on that committee and only a handful of Republicans. Only a handful of Democrats sit on this committee to hear the most sensitive information, so its not a committee, you must serve on as a matter of fact its, not even a committee that counts against your. You know if you will your normal committees, so it is a privilege and a service on behalf of all the members of Congress to sit on the committee so with Eric compromised right now in the confidence of his own people, to say the least, plus, of course, members of Congress. On the republican side, there is no logical reason that Nancy Pelosi shouldnt pull him and replace him with somebody. By the way, there is always a long list of people who want to get on the committee waiting for an opportunity to serve PETE Congressman. Why would she choose him in the first place? Is it common that a second term congressman that, with no experience with intelligence or law enforcement with be chosen? Is he a nonpartisan?
Does it raise eyebrows from the beginning it has from president beginning he is from a neighboring area from an Oakland area. I think it had more to too with his little to her and his proximity to her district, but you know, regardless of you who he got on and the fact that he really wasnt qualified- and I will season accept that nobody is qualified at that level, practically, except maybe MIKE Pompeo when he came out as a former CIA person. But the fact is theres no logical reason to have him continue serving in a compromised role by the way the normal tradition is eight years and you are off. He has really served his full term at this point, too, will Congressman elect. We have done this story several times on Fox AMP friends. We have talked about the Exodus California States, like Texas. I believe the numbers are now in the hundreds of thousands of people who have chosen to leave the stayed state of California. The political winds in California always seem to favor Democrats
and Gavin. Newsom has benefited. Is there any building momentum to change? Those winds to recall Gavin Newsom, amidst whats, going on in California, theres huge building momentum, and you saw it with both in and out of state support. For the recall, I think the important thing is that somebody has to have a wake up, call for the governor or were going to go exactly down the road I saw in two thousand and three where Gray Davis, didnt understand and the people demanded a change and they got a pretty radical change with Arnold Schwarz and for a time we had the lights came back on power started working the economy started working. I think, if he doesnt take this very very seriously, a recall is inevitable. Jedediah Joe Biden on another topic has nominated his Interior Secretary Debbie Hole Hollins.
She would have to exit the house and chip into that Democrat majority. Your thoughts on that its always dangerous to take members of the house, because Specialspecial elections is go e, opposite the way they did a few months ago. We certainly have seen that in the past and the Trump administration in this climate, it is very possible that any swing seat, even not so swing seat in a Biden presidency, would end up in republican hands, but even if they didnt for the period of time that there is a vacancy three or four months, it really does change the arab ratio to be more favorable to republicans demanding a seat at the table and some fairness in house operations. Pete congressman elect its very early there and we are.
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