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Daughter of slain officer stands up to NY school district banning Thin Blue Line flag for staff

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Carla Caccavale, daughter of slain officer, tells 'Fox & Friends' about her fight to honor her father after a NY school district banned the sweatshirt for staff.
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Brian next guest was twenty weeks old when her father, New York, transit detective, was shot and killed in nineteen seventy six last year, the Nypd honored George, by naming one of their k 9s after him, and paid tribute to gorges, daughter and sweat shirts, that featured a thin blue line patch. Now the sweatshirt is banned in a local school district. All because the superintendent believes the thin blue line is political here with the latest on her fight to honor her police, Dad Carla thanks so much for joining us. When did you realize this was going to be a problem? Well, they started asking staff to remove their blue line masks and there were a number of staff members who wore these sweat shirts on Fridays. There is a blue line on the arm at first. I thought it was just going to be the mask, but then it carried over to the sweat shirts Brian, is this the sweatshirt. This is the sweatshirt which
you can see. It has vales name and badge number the k, nine patch. It has my dads name, and then it was the thin blue line. This patch is an extra just for my sweatshirt. Yes, I was twenty days old when my father was killed. Brian, my fault, let me just read you what the public school said in response to the fact that they dont want you to wear this anymore, its actually staff that cant wear it. They banned the staff from wearing it Brian, so the kids can the kids can do whatever they want, the kids? Can the staff maybe banned so have you noticed? Have they so have you noticed? Have they let other things go? So I got a lot of pause on this and one member of the media said. The story has gone global, because world sees the hypocrisy here. The doctor allowed staff wear a shirt that says vote across it with the names of minorities killed in police incidents and on the back it had the fist
allowed up to and including election day while she bans the thing blue line, flag, thats the problem here it wasnt until after the election that she sent an email out after she realized her decision was not fairly balanced and now it would all be banned. So thats the problem here, Brian Carla, who was the first one to express displeasure with this, were kids complaining. Well, you know the staffers who I have spoken to said that when they were called in, they were told that the flag was a sign of white supremacy. However, the communication that went out from the district said that children expressed concern, and if that is the case, this would have been a teachable moment. Instead of dividing our town, we are in a very, very small town that now is incredibly divided over this. There was an opportunity here to bridge instead of burning down the bridge, to help this Brian wait a second, so law enforcement is white, supremacy
that again, of course, that was never an official statement, but I have had more than one staffer come to me and tell me thats what they were told when they were brought in about the mask Brian. What do you plan on doing about this Carla? Well, we are continuing our fight. We would is, unlike to see a more formal apology to say that you know well now both are banned. You should be happy. Isnt that enough to make such a broad sweeping decision and make such a huge misstep when you are running the district and in charge of educating an entire district is incredible and as educators, they should be able to look at all four symbols on this sweatshirt in the context in which they were intended. This sweatshirt was created over a year ago as a symbol to bring my family and the dog family together, and people saw the sweatshirt they loved it. They said hey. Can we get one? We created one hundred and fifty originally labor of love door to door, deliveries and dont nateed all
to Nypd, detectives, widows and children and retired police canine foundation. Since this broke, we have gotten over four hundred orders and I literally couldnt keep up Brian wow. I imagine its going to only increase Carla. I think you are on the right side of things. Not only do I think that its also a tribute to your dad. On top of that, I think you should be able to wear things that show support of law enforcement without that being controversial, just is, unlike some people. Look at the flag and think thats controversial, which it blows my mind that we are at this point, especially in this state final thought. The staff was allowed to wear one and not the other and its hard for me to explain to my children used to seeing the staff wear it on Friday. Why a sweatshirt, honoring their grandfather is no longer allowed Brian, its the districts problem, its not yours, you are doing the right thing.
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