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Dave Wannstedt previews the return of the NFL on FOX

2020-09-11 | 🔗
FOX Sports analyst Dave Wannstedt, former NFL head coach, joins Steve Doocy on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve Nfls 101St season, Steve Nfls 101St season after the most unorthodox reigning super bowl, Champs the Kansas City Chiefs, pulling out first win of the twenty twenty season against the Houston Texans joining us now with analysis, Fox NEWS, analyst, former NFL, head coach and super bowl winning defensive coordinator Dave Good Morning to you good morning. How are you Steve im doing? Okay, but not as well as Patrick Mahomes, the qb of Kc? He was dazzling. He was you know its really surprised me. Both teams, obviously Kansas City, but even on the other side, you know with Deshaun Watson in Houston. Both offense were able to score points without any preseason, with limited work in the off season. Obviously, just everything being virtual for them to go out and be able to function like they did kind of surprised me a little bit. I thought it would be more of a defensive game. Steve sure. I also saw that a lot of people
on Twitter were talking about. Hey Andy. Reed has got that face shield and its fogged up a lot such as being a head coach during Covid Fox, has got a whole bunch of games. I think six in all coming up on Sunday, that is to say they do. We kick it off our show. The NFL kickoff show we start 1100 a dot m eastern time were the first show to get Fox football going and yeah. We have got the packers if you are interested in that we have got big one. Everyone is talking about Tampa Bay, Tom Brady plays drew Brees. The new Orleans saints that will be the marquee came for us this Sunday, Steve Dave. Have you got a pick as we look at the menu of Games for Sunday drew Brees Tom Brady, who wins im going to go with New Orleans, even though I love everything about Tampa, I think Tampa is going to be a play off team this year. But when you have a new quarterback with new players,
which Tom Brady is even with his experience, there is a learning curve and continuity that has to happen and again without the preseason. I think they are going to be playing a litittle b of catch up. You know watching the game last night, even though its mostly empty arrowhead was the way the producers piped in the crowd effects the sound effects. It seemed like everybody. Was there real, quick answer? Yeah, I will be real curious to see. I havent seen one of our games yet, but I know Eric shanks our president. They have been spending months on this as far as the noise, when it a team scores it doesnt home away. There is a lot to to and its going to Bics sighting trust me. The players are going to make it go and the fans willed a to it Steve I misspoke, the roar of the crowd was actually the crowd. Brian. There were twenty two thousand right and there were booze Steve. There was some booing thats something else.
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