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DC committee recommends changes to historic monuments

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Reaction from Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist.
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When you add a base ends labor day, no one will be removing or no one will be removing or renaming the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial. None of that is going to happen. No one is saying that each of these individuals was a perfect human being. I think that would be hard to say, but I will say this about each monument. Each monument was carefully deliberated upon carefully placed on our nations mall. Well, U Dot S Interior Secretary David Bern, hearted, not mentioning words after the committee recommended Humannous land marks like the Washington monument, be removed, renamed or contextualized arch ties to slavery or racism. The d dot c mayor now caving to some pressure tweaking it only some pressure tweaking it only so only city monuments can be Ben Domenech joining us. What if he is not power and what,
if Joe Biden is there and one hundred and fifty three assets that have been pointed out as targets of concern? What do you think changes? Well, I think that the real critique of Joe Biden isnt that he is going to tear down Washington Monument its that he is too weak to stand up to the people within his own coalition, who want to do exactly that and thats what we saw from d, DOT C mayor, Muriel Bowser and this commission that went through and found all these different problematic entities, problematic historical figures where various things were named after them, including not just the normal folks that you are used to hear about by this pointed Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, but also people like Ben Frank Lineal. People like Alexander, Graham Bell, a long litany of things. The problem really is Brian. When you look at their standard, it used, in this case its the d dot C Human Rights ACT, which includes twenty one, different categories of problematic situations, including a lack of respect for essentially Trans rights, and I have something to tell you Brian. If you look at any
historical figure of any kind of earlier part of our history, guess what you know Ben Franklin not really known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to Lgbtq issues, no one can complete the standards, one that involves a new woke standard that will either recontextualize shame, put historical context around these various monuments that people take them down under a Biden come down, because is he not going to be willing to stand up to these folks Brian? I will give you a scenario going to be asked: take down the Jefferson Memorial Upset about Francis Scott key Statue, of course not. Why would I do that? What would stop him from changing his mind once? Is he in office? Nothing? What makes you think, as he has shown any tendency to stand up to his left when the what watch the way he F flopped on debates on fossil fuels and everything else, I think that Joe Biden has shown no willingness to standing
up to new young wokesters when it comes to changing standards. Regarding history, he has never shown that he will say to you in response to that question obviously come on man. I do look like a guy who is going to take down the Jefferson Memorial, but the answer to that is. We are not actually worried, but we are worry about the people, how enable and how are unwilling to stand up to and who actually run the progressive left today, people who are aggressively seeking to tear down our history, the number one book in civics on Amazon today Brian, is a book called in defense of looting written by a transauthor, and from my perspective, that really is the definition of the new left. Violently destroying or taking your stuff is not violence, but using the wrong. Pronoun is Steve if you is DOT Steve Brian, if you change the way we ever teaching in classrooms from first to 12th grade. At the same time, you are taking away our past and its happening before our eyes. This is no longer fringe thought and a fear. This is unfoiling in front of us. It is the central, an maghtd
focus of the left today run by these folks, who believe that you know, as one of their famous anti racist authors has written. Capitalism is racism, and racism is capitalism. They want to tear down all the things that are at the center of the American Founding and american life because they hate them. They hate the values that they animate. They hate that the freedom is inherent within them and that views people not as members of different tribes, but as individuals deserving of these rights thats, something that is at the core of their agenda now and, unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a political situation that refuses to wrestle with it pretend it doesnt exist, looks the other way now its taking on official character, as we saw in d dot C Brian Ben Biden and Sanders sigh length put Biden in in order to have input. They are not getting out of blocks with Trump final thought. I just think that this is a situation. People have to pay more attention to say more and more, you are going to see this spread
its not just going to stay in places in d, DOT C Brian got yourself good, add on the Trump side. If you want to run it and last chance to stop, it might be in the debates which we now know who the moderators are going to be.
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