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Defunding Pentagon would encourage US adversaries, put national security at risk: Gen. Keane

2020-10-23 | 🔗
Retired Four-Star General Jack Keane on how ‘defunding the Pentagon’ would alter U.S. standing.
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Brian one progressive house candidate is facing criticism today over her call to defund the Pentagon congressional candidate Corey Bush sent out this tweet just how dramatically would defunding the Defense Department alter Americas standing on the world stage? Lets ask retired four star general senior strategic analyst here at Fox NEWS, General Jack, Keane General, that must really hit the foundation of your core. Well, yes, I mean we have serious problems. The world were dealing with today is more dangerous and more complicated than anytime. The United States has faced global security challenges since the end of World WAR Ii dealing with the Soviet Union, and, given that what has happened to us, we have dug ourselves Brian, a deep hole when it came to military capabilities. I, why is that? The priorities of the nine Slash eleven went
on for twenty years, the serious Obama administration budget cuts and the HE e that arey. I believe that crept into the Pentagon and also the Pentagon and the National Security community, that lethargy in being the worlds. Only superpower, and not recognizing that Russia was reemerging and that China was surging. You put all that together and we have this hole im describing now. The Trump administration has put us on a path to recovery, but were just in the early stages of that recovery, because the hole was so deep and weve got to continue this. If we stop that recovery, if theres an administration that makes that discussion, not only are we going to stop it but were going to cut it, then what that will do, it will encourage our adversaries and put national security of the american people at risk, and our adversaries will fundamentally exploit it. Brian general, I was going to
go over the foreign policy conversation from last night, but I have a blank page. We did not go over the difference between four years of Vice President Biden and his belief as chairman of Foreign relations s and we didnt go over the last four years of Donald Trump. The american people were not served by leaving out that topic yeah. That is very, very frustrating its the thing that frustrated me the most about the debates themselves, weve always set aside Brian, a debate to deal with foreign policy and national security. Why is that? Because the United States is a global leader and were involved in the world out there, and these are critical decisions that are being made, and people have different, significantly different viewpoints as to how to handle these problems and to think that we dont even have a substantive question in the debate dealing with this issue. I think one its irresponsible and two. It is very insulting to the american people. I also believe, having looked at this now, that we should pay
some attention, maybe more attention to whos on these debate commissions prior to these prior to these dedebates taking place. So we make certain that the american peoples interests are going to be served well. Brian yeah, the moderators, had all the power, and I will say this: I go out of my way to keep you out of politics, but if Joe Bidens elected were trying to get back into the iranian deal, if President Trump is elected, Irans going to have to feel like they have to come to a deal somehow the Middle EAST has been changed over the last three and a half years. We try to get back into the iranian deal. What do you think that would mean for Israel and those other two nations that made peace with Israel yeah? I mean it would be quite staggering: listen im, not an apologist for the Trump administration. They have done a great job in defining who our adversaries are and putting together plans to cop front them, so they confront them.
So they moved from appeasement of our adversaries, which is what I thought we were largely doing in the previous administration to confronting them and that confrontation has been uneven, theres things they could do better to be sure, and that should, if be the subject for discussion in the debate. But the reality is that IRAN has been on the march for years as a result of our appeasement as a result of the phony nuclear deal and the one thousand three hundred dollars billion, they got I cash flow as a result of sanction relief, Brian yeah. We cannot permit that to happen and I believe the peace DEA that has been struck in the Middle EAST is a geopolitical paradigm shift thats going the change the Middle EAST for generations to come, and why is that? Because a coalition is forming with the United States as part of it, Israel, as part of it, and the Arabs, to do what to stand up against IRAN. We cannot turn that around. If we turn that around. That
would be a huge mistake and what will the Iranians do further destabilize the Middle EAST because thats, what theyre about they want to take control of it and theyre moved in that direction? Now they have been confronted and that confrontation is building a coalition of countries. I call it an arab NATO is what were about itll. Take a number of years to put it all together, but that political and military alliance that is forming is a very good thing for the security of the american people and the Middle EAST Brian and were not hostage to their oil were our own and the other thing is two more countries or evidently are going to make an announcement soon, theyre going to be Partover it and the other thing is, we can safely say this. Joe Biden walked up to him. General Mattis said dont pull out of Iraq. This thing could break he pulled out anyway, and it broke when Syria used natural gas,
the chemical killer, gas for on their people. We true a red line and we didnt enforce that red line and were still paying the price. Those are facts and thats what we could be.
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