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Democrats call for officials to not seat Rep. Van Drew

2020-12-15 | 🔗
Rep. Jeff Van Drew explains why Democrats are calling for the lawmaker to not be seated in Congress.
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Plus zero percent interest for forty eight months on all smart beds only for a limited time that has spread and that tests Ainsley. Some Democrats now urging house leaders not to see the new members who support president trumps challenge to the twenty twenty election. One democratic official in New Jersey, singling out Congressman Jeff Van, drew saying that he lost all credibility to represent us in Washington and should not be seated, despite Van drew winning re election joining n dot. Ie me now is New Jersey, Congressman Jeff Van drew good morning to you good morning. How are you im doing well, so they are basically saying to these one hundred and twenty six of you that signed on this Texas lawsuit because you support the president. You shouldnt be in Congress. Well, I guess its because we support the president and I guess its because were worried about election integrity. Here is the important part here, regardless of the issue with the
president. We need to ensure that we have the highest level of integrity in our elections and, quite frankly, we havent, and we have been regressing years ago. We were doing better with elections than we are now and the important issue here is this: certain states changed their election laws changed the way they went about voting in a very serious and significant way without the legislature meeting and the legislature voting on it, thats not constitutional, its, not legal, I believe in the rule of law. They absolutely should have had a meeting of those folks, obviously that are in the legislature and thats what this suit is all about and thats what the concern is about. It was taken to the Supreme Court as it should have been. I didnt agree with the Supreme Courts decision not to take it up. However, it was done appropriately by the way. Those
who said the Supreme Court would only do what they said, because they had three new members obviously were wrong. The Supreme Court did what they did. What they thought was right, but the notion that, after the people that voted for me that I couldnt sit in the House of representatives that you would literally disenfranchise my voters in my district is absurd notion. Ainsley, the tables were turned. What, if Republicans, did that to Democrats, because they didnt support president Trump? It would be a mess you cant just do that people voted your constituents. Put you there. Thank you so much for being on with us. Do they have a shot at doing this? I dont believe at the end of the day. They will, although im sure that they will try. But again we are a nation, I hope, of the rule of law, both with our elections and also with this. We have got to start literally believing in the rule of law and doing things the right way. Ainsley keep fighting for integrity with the process. I will Ainsley a lot of Republicans
feel the way that you do and are worried about the next election and what this means for the party going forward.
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