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Democrats fail to address how they would fix violence rocking US cities at the DNC

2020-08-22 | 🔗
Sam Sanchez, Chicago business owner and vice chair of the Illinois Restaurant Association, reacts on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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The religion of climate change, the religion of climate change, the economic downturn caused by China and, of course, their hatred of President Trump Democrats, were largely silent. Opt violence gripping major! U dot s! U dot s! Cities like Chicago our next guest is a business owner in the city who watched helplessly from home as looters ransacked. His restaurant in June here to weigh in is the vice chair of the Illinois Restaurant Association, SAM Sanchez, SAM thanks for being here, give our viewers an update. The didnt talk about this. What have you seen and how has it affected your business and community? Well, our business due to covid. Now crime is down. Eighty percent. We dont see any safety in the city. Definitely our customers dont want to visit from the suburbs and missing other tours coming into town. It is dangerous. Pete Covid is one thing: if its basic crime and Stuart, you are right. Customers dont want to come back to that here are stats in Chicago
four hundred and seventy three murders. As of August 16th up fifty three percent from last year, shootings up forty seven percent from last year. You even had some Chicago Alder men call a city council meeting to push a resolution that says Chicago has never seen more unrest or looting, whats, a biggest risk covid your to your business or crime crime. There is cure eventually for covid and we could manage covid. We cant manage this crime. There is no vaccine for crime, I mean we have seen children getting killed. Carjacking. Just yesterday, two blocks from my restaurant two cars carjacked one ran into another restaurant. We have people sitting outside outdoors, sidewalks and streets. People are scared. We are worried. We definitely need help. We want crime to stop right now. The increasing of gun violence in Chicago is out of control. Pete. You want crime to stop. The Democrat had four days to
talk about it. They didnt, have you heard a single proposal from Democrats or Joe Biden that you think would address this, get and create the kind of environment that you need to run a thriving business. No Democrats have not addressed this issue, I mean, I know we have some good democrats in the city of Chicago and they are being ignored. Theyre asking for help, I know the city. This counsel has asked for safety. There are different rules on safety here and different crimes. I mean you have the looters the opportunists and ones damage like destroyed two of my restaurants, and then you have the killing children and carjacking PETE. All you are looking for is.
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