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Democrats talked about packing Supreme Court since Cavanagh: Severino

2020-09-21 | 🔗
Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino on what's next for the Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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The White House and the the White House and the Senate Majority have a moral duty to fulfill the promises they made to the voters, and that is exactly what were going to do. We will fill that vacancy. I will be putting forth the nominee next week. It will be a woman that, as the president plans to fill the Supreme Court Vacancy Democrats vowing to expand the court if they win control of the Senate in November congressman Jerry Nadler tweeting quote filling the Scotus vacancy during a lame duck session after the american people have voted for. New leadership is undemocratic and a clear violation of the public trust in elected officials Congress would have to act in expanding. The court would be the right place to start so lets talk about that here we have former clerk to Supreme Court Justice, Clarence, Thomas and president of the judicial crisis network Carrie Severino Carrie Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve okay. So once again the Democrats have been talking about packing the court a number
of times this year and suddenly it has become more urgent, hasnt it well give me a break guys. You have been wanting to pack the court for months here ever since, frankly, two thousand and eighteen with kavanaugh- they have been talking about it, so they are looking for any excuse, think have and believe me whether the seats were filled or not. You know whether this vacancy happened or not. They would be wanting to packet court. What they want is are judges are ho are going to be using their politics first, not just interpreting the law. Whats. So ironic is justice. Ginsburg herself said packing. The court would be a horrible idea tried by FDR, rejected even by his own Senate, saying this is a bad idea. It could lead to a cycle of one party and the other party increasing numbers of the court. That would be horrible for the institution of the court horrible for the country. I think the Democrats know that, but I think they are willing to do whatever it takes to try to get power over that institution, Steve sure and speaking of justice, Ginsburgs own words in twenty sixteen. She said there is nothing in the constitution that says the
president stops being the president in his last year. You know the president has been very clear about who he would like to see on the Supreme Court and a number of people who voted for him in twenty sixteen two thousand and sixteen that was th number one issue. They voted for Donald Trump, who he would put on the Supreme Court and yet, while Joe Biden has said you know im going to let you know who is on my list, we still havent seen that list of Joes have we no. He still is somewhere in his basement. I dont know he doesnt want to really. I think pick he liked to tell everyone im really moderate, but at the same time placate the most liberal and extreme factions in his own party. He doesnt want to put out a list. I think, because the american people would be frightened by the kind of people on that list. The exciting news is Donald, Trump has put out a list, and he really just recently I mean within days he has updated. That list. Looking at some of the women he did commit to putting women on the court,
the women on the list have so exciting and inspiring exciting and inspiring Justifiablejusticeginsburg Amy C mothers. Scholars really would be mothers. Scholars really would be different than per Jerusalem Steve. The house gets to impeach somebody and the Senate doesnt, because its run by Democrats, they impeach the president. The Senate considers judicial nominees and the house really has no say in it and I think thats really what bugs them, because the Senate right now the majority is the Republicans and they hold the cards. Thats right and leader Mcconnell has made it very clear. There is going to be a vote on this nomination and even in two thousand and eighteen, when the Kavanaugh confirmation was going on, we gained seats in the Senate for the g dot op, because people were so outraged at the politics that the Democrats were
playing. I think that thats, the american people saying you know what on this issue, we like whats going on here and we want to see more judges who are going to be faithful to the constitution and the rule of law. Steve. The president is with us about forty minutes from right now.
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