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Democrats want to control your life: Sen. Rick Scott

2020-12-07 | 🔗
Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., weighs in on the upcoming Georgia Senate runoffs and provides lessons for the GOP from President Trump's Florida win on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve our big story, Georgias Senate runoff, is less than a month away and Senator Bernie Sanders is banking on democratic victories, so he can push Joe Biden Way left since you left the presidential race. Your goal is to get Joe Biden elected and make him the most progressive president in the history of the United States. That job becomes a lot easier, if you at least dont, have Republicans controlling the Senate. Absolutely and I you know- and we are all working as hard as we can to make sure the two Democrat candidates win in Georgia. Steve all right. Joining us now to react is the incoming chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Rick Scott, who joins us from Florida good morning. Senator Bernie Sanders is right if they can win in Georgia that his idea of socialism, the Democrats idea of pack, the Supreme Court-
reverse the first and second amendment right ruin. Medicare, have all healthcare insurance run by the government. Green new deal, one hundred dollars trillion socialism, socialism, I dont believe thats going to happen. I dont believe so thats, where Georgia or the Florida or the country is. This is what they want. They want complete control, Steve you mentioned Florida, which is where you are sitting right now. Donald Trump won Florida in the general election. Last month you wrote an op ed at Foxnews dot com talkstalks about how his victory. There has important lessons for republicans nationwide, like what I think its real simple Democrats want to control your life. What they said what Kamala Harris said she wants everyone to have the exact same outcome. That means you have no opportunity. This is what Fidel Castro and
Hugo Chavez would say. Oh everybody should have the same thing. What that means. Nobody has any opportunity. Republicans want to give you a life Republican goes out and talk to everybody. It doesnt matter. The color of your skin or your religion go talk to everybody, more opportunity: less regulation, better schools, supporting law enforcement. When you have the example, you have what happened. I won my three race races, two for governor and, U Dot S Senate Donald Trump had a big win a month and a half ago. If thats, what Republicans do we win Steve one of the things about Florida? In addition to the beautiful weather, have you there no state tax, one of the most prominent financial sources companies in the world? Goldman Sachs, which is based here in New York City, is thinking about moving asset
management that division to Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale or Texas Dallas. Why do you think they are doing that? I at a thank you to Cuomo and DE blasio all the time for taxes and regulation and attitude against business has driven so many companies to Florida in the last ten years. Why do people come here, lower taxes and better weather? We have the number one higher education system in the country and forty nine year low in our crime rate, so your choice is to pay high taxes and get what when you live in New York, city or New York, if you could leave you are leaving what this pandemic has shown. Is there is no research? Even if you are in financial supervisors, you dont need to be in New York anymore, so we have had so many businesses that have been coming down here, so Goldman Sachs getting in line better hurry because we are
running out of office space. Steve big question, though senator is after the pandemic. You know I have so many friends who are teleworking from Florida right now, because they can do it from anywhere. The big question is going to say to their bosses. You know what I can do my job from here in palm Beach or in Naples or where im not going back to New York, Boston, Chicago first of off the bosses want to come down. Everybody wants to come down here you. Why? Not you dont pay the taxes you dont have the commute. You have the weather, I mean you have better schools, you have lower crime, I mean why would anybody go back after this pandemic? They are not going to Steve. I do a morning show. I love dinner 400 in the afternoon.
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