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Dems' 'Russia disinformation' claims about Hunter Biden reports 'demonstrably false': Turley

2020-12-17 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley argues Sen. Johnson was correct when accusing Sen. Peters, Democrats at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing for recently spreading 'Russia disinformation' claim.
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You talked about many russian disinformation will will Brian Brian lets bring be in Jonathan Turley George Washington, university law, professor good morning to you good morning, Ainsley this hearing was was supposed to about election irregularities. You will could see Senator Johnson had a grievance with Senator Peters and wanted to talk about it. Do you think he was right to do that? He was right about the accusation. I tweeted immediately, when Senator Peters denied it that they actually did issue that statement that the Hunter Biden Matter was russian disinformation. This was part of a general narrative, Adam Schiff, over at the IT house. Intelligence committee assured the public that this was russian disinformation and it was coming directly from the Kremlin. All of that was demonstrably false, but it was stated before the election and it served its purpose. It created some doubt as to whether this laptop and these emails were authentic.
There was never any indication that they were true ofly russian disinformation, but are the Democrats are very good at this. They issued fifty former national security figures who said yep. This looks exactly like stuff coming out of the Kremlin and the media ran with that story, and it really did work Steve, yeah, Brian. It worked and it hurt the country, even if you are the biggest trump supporter or detractor. It was a distraction and for two years the world laughed at us and the Russians couldnt believe how great they had it, as they were the bad guy. But the Democrats and Republicans tore each other apart and we wasted a lot of money and unbelievable amount of time. I thought something else stood out about that hearing and then we will move on Christopher Krebs. Was there and looks like an important guy, a smart guy, but he was there saying there were no problems, and then you have the Trump lawyer sitting there saying excuse me: there is twenty six thousand people in Nevada that voted that didnt belong there. There is forty five thousand that voted twice and the american people are looking at this going. How can
this guy, with his hair, gel, sit there and say no problems at all and the other guy say we have huge problems and we cant get a hearing. Do you understand Jonathan, the frustration and why people are in the streets in Washington? We have two people telling us exact opposite stories. Well, I actually do understand the frustration I actually thought the hearing was very interesting on both sides. I thought Krebs did a good job in responding to the allegations involving this voting machine and these coded these codes that came up. I thought he did a good job on that. I thought that the Wisconsin attorney and former judge also did a very good job. Im surprised that the Trump campaign did not use him more significantly before. If, but I think part of the frustration is- and this is where I have to give the Wisconsin attorney it some credit. It is true that the Wisconsin Supreme Court did not look at the underlying allegations
and it. This has been a point of contention that the media is reporting that all of these it violations have been reviewed by all of these courts. Some of them have reviewed the specific alleged violations. Many of them have not, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which really had a division on the court. Some of those justices felt that it was wrong to it basically cite whats called latches, saying you came to us too late and dismiss these issues. There is frustration in that. I think the press could do a better job in acknowledging that many of these decisions were paced on threshold issues, not the underlying violations Steve. Suddenly, the press is starting to pay attention be to the Hunter Biden story, although before the election, it was only the New York Post and the channel that we are on Brian and him Steve and Jonathan Turley as well, and it was great and as it turns out regarding that hearing it wasnt russian
disinformation, there actually was a Doj investigation are into him about his dealings. The Foxnews dot com got ahold of an email from Hunter Biden to one of those chinese energy companies. The guy who runs it among other things, it says I hope my letter finds you well. I regret missing you on my last visit to the United States. Please accept the best wishes from the entire Biden family as well as my partners. We are all hoping to see you again soon in the United States or in Shanghai, so that is from apparently the laptop of Hunter Biden. You know, Fox NEWS has been the only ones asking Joe Biden about his son. Finally, apparently yesterday Joe Biden realized. I should probably answer one of the questions with a real answer and he did listen. To this are recall, your son did nothing wrong. Your son did nothing wrong, im, confident, Steve hes, confident that
Hunter did nothing wrong. Jonathan, if you were in the audience- and you were going to ask Joe Biden a question, what would you like to know? I would like to know the first question Doocy asked, which was a couple days ago, and that is when did you first know about the investigation of your son? We have literally had this news blackout and it particularly Joe Biden, has not disclosed when he was first told that his son was under investigation. The fact is that many of us have been writing about Hunter Biden for years. This was before the recent burisma stuff. You know the bidens have used public office for their benefit really quite openly. You know Joe Bidens brother advertised himself, this isnt word of mouth. He actually put into print that he had access to his brother as a pitch to get clients. You know, Hunter Biden was put on the Amtrak Board and when that happened, Senator Carper from Delaware, the only
thing he could come up with as an explanation is that Hunter Biden, rode trains, a lot thats like putting someone in a top position at the FDA because he eats a lot physical. It was almost mocking the selection, so the family has had this long history of cashing in on influence and access and whats really bizarre about this is some of us have been writing about this for years that I have never had a single reporter challenge me on one salient point: this was clearly an influence pelgdingpeddling scheme, both the uncle and it Hunter Biden, were selling influence and access. No one seriously disagrees with it. When Joe Biden says my son did nothing wrong. He seems to be confining his definition of what is wrong to the criminal code and thats, not usually how we measure will public officials Ainsley Jonathan? Thank you so
much or public figures. Thank you, Brian Jonathan, its also true, you cant, diminish Tony Bobulinskis story. He is all over these emails and referred to by Hunter. Anyone who says bobulinski, doesnt, make sense or add up just read this and thats the rabbit hole Steve because in this particular one that we were citing a moment ago, Hunter alludes to the fact that Tony Bobulinski had contacted the company earlier and says: hey: where is our 10 million dollar? And apparently they had not gotten the money Hunter thought its time for me to get out the email Ainsley Cover of the New York post. Seventy six percent of those following this story closely in the media. They think that the media ignored it to help Joe Biden win this election Steve Jonathan Turley, never ignored it. Sir. Thank you very much.
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