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Detroit chief of police: Enough is enough

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Detroit Chief of Police James Craig explains why he is welcoming President Trump's help in his city amid the rise in violent crime.
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I wish I had more time to. I wish I had more time to talk to you, Brian, when you talk about what driving Detroit, but in major cities across this country. We talk about Covid, we talk about bail reform. I could take a half hour on your show. Brian tell you my thoughts as a practitioner of forty four years Brian. I cant give you a half hour chief James Craig, but we can have you back today to finish up what you were talking about yesterday. You are running things in Detroit. We Novi lens is up seven percent. Have you had weeks of protests there and challenges there and challenges? Unlike other cities, I think there has been a lot of partisan politics involved. We dont have whats going on in Portland and Seattle. I understand that going into nine weeks, nothing like have you
seen in other cities in this country. What we do have and what we have entered into with this administration is late December. I stood with General Barr and all the heads of the Doj, and we focused in called in for this pursuit whats going on now, is just an enhancement. We know that the uptick in violence is not unique isolated to Detroit, but we are seeing it in all the major cities, Chicago LOS Angeles, and so this is an opportunity to really address whats going on and whats eerily similar when you look across the country with the rise in crime, its no surprise talked about it on your show. Yesterday, very briefly, bail reform, thats, not working out very well. My colleagues in other cities are talking about it early release because of covid. You know they are reintroducing very violent suspects into our neighborhood.
Its no surprise that we are having the level of violence just last night, another gang member trying to shoot one of my officers, fatality involved a week before that another officer involved, shooting this suspect shot at our officers, its becoming very violent, and not to mention that Detroit Police Department has been very assertive about taking illegal guns off the street. We are averaging anywhere between eighty and one hundred ccw arrests. Eighty to one hundred our officers are doing what we need them to do, but believe it they are in harms way. Brian you mention there is that Antifa, like presence there, much like in Portland thats, been identified where they drop off weapons, whether its bats or broiks. To do it. Having said that, fundamentally, for the people that want to change their lives, that race might play an issue in where
they get in life that you see generations living through the same type of class structure. How do we break that cycle? Well, you know thats an interesting question. Let me start by saying these individuals are truly outsiders: im talking outside the state of Michigan and certainly out of Detroit. This is not what detroiters want we have rebuilt. As you know, this is a city that had the largest municipal bankruptcy now seven years ago, and so there have been a lot of positive efforts made to move this city forward, and so these individuals call them Antifa Ogerloo, whoever they are coming into. Our cities are not welcome. The other part of this talk about rise in crime. We have to manage these protests every single night,
Brian Unbelievable every night, and so we have to redeploy our staff. Where does the staff come from? It comes from our neighborhoods, and so but now, in addition to the nightly protests. Now we are dealing with early morning. School protests so were handling two protests a day, Brian Brian, its unbelievable, its unbelievable Brian. You need more coming on the street. You need to be a job that is looked up to and rewarded and number two. You have to stop this outside force. That is all over Seattle. Its going to merge this weekend, all over Portland, going to emerge this weekend seen in New York before there is a separate issue where people dont want to make it country better frustrated. They want to destroy what this country is, and hopefully people in these cities will identify and weed them out. So we can get to the heart of the issue and make everything and make the country better put us on the right track. Have the racial justice. The reason why you put that uniform on
we cant do it with these other clowns, showing unjust to destroy and again chief, it was great gaining your perspective today. I appreciate it always Brian. I look forward to the next time Brian stay safe this weekend.
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