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Devine: Joe Biden will never be enough for Bernie Sanders' supporters

2020-07-28 | 🔗
Nearly 400 Democratic delegates threaten to vote against any DNC platform that doesn't include Medicare for All; New York Post columnist Miranda Devine offers insight.
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Steve lets talk, politics, Steve lets, talk, politics convention rebellion, nearly four hundred democratic delegates, most of them support. Bernie Sanders are pledging to vote against the Dnc platform if it does not include Medicare for all the pledge. Reading for profit healthcare system is racist and discriminatory and majority of Americans single Payer, Medicare Americans single Payer Medicare is best way to achieve adequate health care. This is not surprising, Bernie Sanders. His supporters are not historically a Joe Biden supporter because of Sanders supporters. Far to the left and Joe Biden more Centrist, they are just trying to all get together and theres growing pains,
Moderate Joe Biden CAP and the fact its not enough its never enough for the Marxists and they will not rest until they grafted Bernie Sanders entire. You know one of the things when it comes to enthusiasm. We know that Donald trumps, the people who support him are enthusiastic about voting in November, Joe Bidens supporters. Not so much. I was actually at a Bernie Sanders Rally and you were in attendance as well. Just before the pandemic hit. You know Joe Biden would be lucky to harness enthusiasm of the Bernie Sanders supporter, but thats. Just not going to happen is it
you are so right, and we saw that in New Hampshire and in Iowa that Joe Bidens support was lackluster and then, of course he managed to you know secure the nomination. I guess secure the nomination. I guess, with the help of Mr Clyburn in the time of crisis hes still in his basement and hes, not really come up with any real policy prescriptions other than being pushed and forced to adopt being pushed and forced to adopt one by one all of the far left policies we saw he appointed AOC to run environmental campaign and wont be very long before he adopts Bernie Sanders Medicare for all campaign, but im sure they will cleverly relabel it as something else, but its all a sham to try
and fool the voter into thinking that they are actually choosing an old fashion, moderate in Joe Biden, but hes really an empty shell Steve. Well, you know ive been watching some of the Biden ads and they are about coronavirus and they are saying you know. If Joe Biden was president of the United States, he would do everything differently, although when he was interviewed on MSNBC last week, everything he said he would do. The administration is already doing its hilarious isnt it its spot on thats, exactly what hes doing its testimony like he listens to what the president does and he copies it, and I mean I guess, maybe its a matter of tone. He comes across as empathetic and constantly talks about strategies, tragedies in his life and that may strike a cord of some people and people that are tired of the president and he needs to be the man in charge of the triple whammy that
Americans have suffered through coronavirus pandemic and now the violent riots. So he has to, I guess, take the blame for it, but the campaign is getting real and there are going to be debates. He can no longer hide behind a tale, prompter, Steve. Ninety eight days to go.
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