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DHS chief: We will remain in Portland to protect our facilities

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf reacts to the continued riots and looting in Portland, Oregon.
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Im offering all federal support requested to stop the violence and arrest the criminals. These acts of destruction are not isolated incidents but demonstrate the pattern of violent left wing extremism. What you are seeing in Portland and Seattle and New York Chicago, is really the Democrat Road Map for America, President Trump addressing the violence in Americas, major cities. After his meeting with law enforcement team, our next guest was in that meeting acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and saw the chaos in Portland up close and personal three months and still a mess Chad. Mr Secretary, I should say first off sings. I left the violence continues. Are you surprised? No, not particularly what we know about Portland is that they foster an environment that allows this type of violence to go on. We saw that for almost sixty days at the federal courthouse, as you indicated, that violence has now shifted to the left and
the right of the courthouse. Its now focused on the Portland Police Department in different facilities that they have around the city. But, as you indicated Brian, there is over seventy five nights of sustained violence night after night after night. I think thats very, very co worker DHS will remain in Portland will remain there to protect our facility because we dont know where these rioters and where these criminals are going to move from night to night. Mr Secretary, what do you now know about this Antifa castoff or sect that you didnt know before you put your people on the ground yeah? I think what we saw there in Portland is very organized activities focusing on destruction of that federal courthouse. We saw it organized. We saw movements late at night. That is similar movements that you would see law enforcement. You saw training. You saw the organization there that this is a coordinated attack against that courthouse night after night after night
we saw some new tactics, we saw blinding lasers shined in our law enforcement officers eyes. That was a new tactic that we have seen we are having to adjust and we are adjusting. We are seeing those same tactics the same thing that they did to that courthouse for sixty days now, shifting to the local police Brian. Mr Secretary, I think the most obscene thing is a lot of people are going to the cameras and says its not about me its not about racial justifiable anymore, its not about George Floyd anymore, its about socialism. Hatred of the country take down our system remnants of this, but now its taking root. What are you going to do about it yeah and its funny thats, exactly what we have been saying for forty five to sixty days, that this has nothing to do with the peaceful protested that we see in Portland. Nothing to do with that national dialogue that we talk about regarding George Floyds death and police law enforcement practices. What we saw in Portland that violence is just criminal activity and we need to call it that I think they are seeing
that elsewhere we are going to continue again to be in Portland. We are going to continue to surgery sources. Dhs will continue to surgery sources in cities across this country when there are direct threats to federal property and federal law enforcement officers. Brian, Mr Secretary, I also know they are protesting at your house. Carmen best police chief of Seattle just resigned here is what she said about her situation on the ground and why she did it. This is not about the money and it certainly isnt about you know the demonstrators I mean be real. I have a lot thicker skin than that. It really is about the overarching lack of respect for the officers, the men and women who work so hard day in and day out. Do you understand the frustration, and I know you respect the decision. Did she make the right decision? Well, I will leave her decision. You know to herself to describe that, but you know the comments that you just played right there. I absolutely agree with. I think, what we see
with this politicization of law enforcement, attacking law enforcement, defunding law enforcement, its having an effect and what we see with criminals throughout the country at the heart. They are violent opportunists and they see an opportunity here to take advantage of law enforcement and to do the rioting that we saw in Chicago two or three nights ago. Violent rioting because they know that police are on their heels. Local politicians and even federal politicians have a role to play its very, very disconcerning. I see it from my own law enforcement at the department. We need to make sure that we continue to support law enforcement officers who wake up every day, put a badge and that uniform on and protect their communities. We need to make sure that they do that in the right way, professional, but we need to be able to support them and give them the resources to do their job. Brian. This whole protesting outside officials house, which continues in front of your house, shows about the sacrifice you arent doing it for the money or the fame, and now your family is starting.
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