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DHS urges Portland to accept federal help as the city sees more violence

2020-07-17 | 🔗
Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli says tying the hands of police officers has encouraged the violent mob.
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Griff, thank you very much for more lets bring in the Acting Department of Homeland Security, deputy Secretary KEN Cuccinelli KEN good morning to you good morning, Steve as we look at what is happening in Portland, and we have seen it happen in other cities as well. The president has teased that he is going to do something next week to bring law and order to these lawless immunities. You know the White House has been reluctant to talk about any of the details, but have you got to figure its going to involve money where, if they want some federal money, they are going to have to do something? Well, you know from a DHS perspective, it includes things like advancing more police to places like Portland and thats exactly what we did there and we have buildings and property and people we defend all over the country. Nine thousand locations all over the country and DHS is the largest law enforcement organization. We dont by the way, have any secret police, as the senator
referred to. We have been very openly trying to keep the law enforced, its interesting to say, gee. We provoked violence when this has been going on longer than the rains for Noahs ARC Ark. This WA more than forty days in a row. We were not there in significant force in the last few weeks as things continued to escalate, and what we have seen around the country is where responsible, police, something advanced violence, recedes Portland, hasnt gotten that memo, nor have a lot of other cities and the president is determined to do what we can within our jurisdiction to help restore peace to these beleaguered cities. Brian wait. A second senator RON Biden says this is Towhy widen to Appealto Base hit in the head, with a two by four lasers being shot, trying to blind different cops and federal officials and graffiti nonstop
thats, just to name a few along with shootings and dont forget pipe bombs, right, Brian and pipe bombs. Does Senator RON widen really think the Trump Administration is to blame? It certainly sounds like hes on the side of these violent folks lets not kid ourselves. These arent protesters. These are criminals. They are looters, they are seeking opportunities to destroyed and, frankly, to hurt law enforcement officials. Both local the police bureau there in Portland, who have their hands tied. I talked to the head of the union there earlier this week. The police union, Darryl Turner, and he is, and his fellow officers are very frustrated at how people like Mayor Wheeler, are tying their hands rather than letting them do their job and its exactly that kind of encouragement to the mob that escalates the violence. It isnt advancing more responsible policing its by tying the hands of
responsible police officers and thats whats going on in Portland. You see it in other cities around the country and we are seeing the violent rules. We are seeing the violent results. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is determined to do what he can to push that down. We cant do it everywhere, but he is determined to bring more peace across some of these violent cities Katie. Mr Cuccinelli, I just wanted to ask you real quickly about the jurisdiction that you referred to. The president has acknowledged he does not have the authority to send people in without the local authorities asking for help. So what exactly are the options here? Well, Katie it isnt just that we can go in when they request help. There is also the question you see in Portland. There is a federal courthouse. The federal government is responsible for prerkting that facility and the area around it, and there are other fittings there as well fittings facilities there for as well. They have become point of attacks for the local mob that
the government doesnt wanting to seek to control. We do have our bases of authority as well. We are looking to string those together in various places. We also use cross designation of law enforcement officers so, for instance, just as an example when we talk about defending those 9000 plus federal properties, the first line of defense is called the federal protective service, its one of the law enforcement agencies within the Department of Homeland Security, and we will often cross designate other law enforcement officers. Who can help do that work and the same happens with the Department of Justice and the marshals and so forth. So we can shift the resources around Steve, sure last knight the resources were needed because about 1000 the police apparently heard out in Portland, heard some people chanting. They wanted to burn down the building, so they announced you know what you will have to back up and they didnt and they pushed them, and there was some sort of smoke bombs set off and things like that and eventually order was restored. But you know we have heard
from the mayor out there. If you guys want to do anything yeah, can you do this? Just get rid of the graffiti on the outside of the building and stay in your building, KEN yeah and surely no more graffiti will show up on the outside of the building right, yeah great idea, Mr Mayor, so you know you all reported on the tens of millions of dollars of damage. Thats already been done down there and I sort of wonder if this was all happening. You know at nikes facilities. Would they do something or if it was happening at some of their more prominent businesses? Would they do something up? In Seattle, the liberal anarchists are protesting Starbucks, which is apparently not liberal enough for them. You know, so there is going to be an eat, your own approach to this, and if that happens in Portland, will they start to take a differential approach? It would be very interesting to see this is not just random where
these violent rioters go and its probably not a coincidence that the local government is willing to let them attack the federal government because they support them. Just like your comments earlier from Senator widen, he is firmly taking the side of criminally violent protesters criminally violent protesters, Brian who, by the way dont im pretty sure they are not social, distancing thats for another time, laughter, Brian another thing I add, N Chicago, the President says I would like to send you help and the mayor says: no, do you know who is saying yes to increasing police budgets, three cities Phoenix Houston and San Diego, so there is somewhat hope. Well, people do learn from other folks mistakes. There is the old staying learn from your mistakes. I have always joked. I would rather learn from other peoples. Mistakes. Well, San Diego Houston, Phoenix are learning from other peoples, mistakes, look at De Blasio and the city council up there in New York. I keep tweeting out to the Nypd.
Hey come join law enforcement agency that will appreciate you. The Department of Homeland Security as New York, cuts its budget and watches violent crime skyrocket. While De Blasio stands out there and says wow, there is so much peace. Breaking out here you are breaking into pieces, is what you are breaking.
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