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Dialing the final night of the Republican National Convention

2020-08-28 | 🔗
Pollster Lee Carter gets reaction from voters.
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Just awful all right, anxiously Ainsley! Thank you, Steve. The twenty twenty republican national Convention has officially wrapped up. How did the presidents message and that of other featured speakers resonate with the american people here with the dials partner and president of Maslansky and partners? Lee Carter? Hey Lee Good, to see you this morning, Steve start with a soundbite for the president, yellow line independents red. Obviously Republicans and Blue is democrat. This is the president slamming the democratic agenda, saying that their party is extreme watch the dials at the Democrat convention. You barely heard a word about their agenda, but thats not because they dont have one its because their agenda is the most extreme set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee. Joe Biden may claim he is an ally of the light. But when it comes to his agenda, Biden wants
to keep us completely in the dark, Ainsley Lee you can see. The Republicans gave this an a minus independents, a b minus and Democrats an F last nights. Speemps were not quite as popular as the other nights. I think that the president was much more subdued than he has ordinarily been. We have seen those dials go right off the chart. That said, this message did resonate with both Republicans and independents. When you listen to both sides, they are casting the other side of as the one that is eel or the one. That is, if you vote for them, the country is going to be over. The question really is which one of those arguments is going to stick right now it does look like independents are aligning with Republicans, but it still remains to be seen. Ainsley Rudy Giuliani was talking about law and order, which was a big theme last night and he cleaned up New York years ago, and now New York is going in a different directions and we are all concerned about it here. Is he talking about Democrats enabling all the violence?
Now today my city is in shock, murders, shootings and violent crime are increasing at percentages unheard of in the past new Yorkers wonder how did we get overwhelmed by crime so quickly and decline so fast dont? Let Democrats do to America what they have done to New York Ainsley Lee, so you can see the Republicans gave. This is a b plus independents, a c plus and Democrats an f again. The message resonated just not as intensely as we have seen before. I think a lot of the people are very very concerned about law and order their safety. They are very concerned about happening in cities less so in New York and, more so than some of the other cities that are really the focus of most attention, thats part of what you saw there and why the dials didnt go quite as high as otherwise might be. Ainsley. Thank you so much. You have been helpful this week.
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