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‘Disappointed’ some people responded to President Trump testing positive for coronavirus with ‘glee’: Mollie Hemingway

2020-10-02 | 🔗
Senior editor at The Federalist Mollie Hemingway comments on some liberal media reaction to President Trump testing positive for coronavirus.
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States may be a super spreader number one at this juncture, a lot of people taking shots at the president, not heartening, but thought surprising yeah. I was disappointed, genuinely disappointed to see the glee with which some people responded to this news. There is a proper way to respond to this news for people who pray. It is a good time to pray. You should be praying for your world leaders, the leader of your country every day, but this is a good time to do it. Its also important that people not be hysterical when they will dont have reason to be hysterical and that works for people no matter their perspective. This is a very tough virus and it is something that you wouldnt wish on anyone, but its also true for the vast majority of people who get it they are not even Tom is a or they areasymptomatic dot. The death r people need to have accurate fact based perspective rather than responding as if its more dramatic than it is Steve. Lets figure out what is
going on before they start throwing the slings and arrows Mollie. We are thirty, two days out from the election you know, and the president was expected to be traveling more in the coming weeks. I believe he was going to make some trips out west and things like that. Its got to be frustrating for him and you have covered him now for coming on five years for him suddenly to be on the sidelines when he feels like he should be out and about with the people. I think, given his diagnosis now with Covid, it will be interesting to see if they continue to stage these great big rallies, where there is very little social, distancing and very little mask wearing, given the fact that the president himself has contracted it. There is no question these two campaigns: Trump and Bidens campaigns, differently, Biden, wouldnt change. How is he campaigning so much because he
isnt doing events Trump massive rallies and enthusiasm and whatnot? They have to modify in some sense, at least during this quarantine time how they are doing that. I think you should not forget that a lot of this is a result of an enthusiasm gap among the different voters, its not that Biden. Voters dont have enthusiasm its just that its mostly based around their hatred for Donald Trump, not about actual like of their candidate, whereas for trump voters. There really is this genuine excitement and enthusiasm and a desire to come out and show support that will continue. I mean this is shocking news. This is a big deal today, but I think that after people adjust to it that you will see you know continued events and continued campaigning from the Trump campaign. I dont think there is much that would keep trump voters from getting out and showing their support Ainsley. I was going to ask you about that, because Brian brought up a good point in the last hour. One of the lawmakers is writing him and saying: how is this going to effect us with other world leaders? Are they going to look at us at vulnerable? Also, if you look at the stock futures, they plunged this
morning already people I woke up this morning and, as I was coming into Fox and using my hand sanitizer a little more than I normally would thinking of the president and the forefront of our minds right now going into the weekend. How is this going to effect the american population yeah? I do think you know people might be concerned about how this news would effect the campaign if they are worried about a Biden presidency. You might see reflections of that in certain financial markets and other things like that. But again I think its after a day or so. We will no more, we will know more and there have been a lot of people who have gotten this virus. It is no easy thing. I have had family members and friends who have gotten it and I wouldnt wish it on other ones. Its also true other people have gotten it. Dont have symptoms, people should let the facts lead them into their analysis, and they should also remember that of all those world leaders that we talk about and all those world leaders, wives and other people. You didnt hear a lot of
people succumbing to the illness Brian. If the president is asymptomatic and working full steam ahead, like Robert Obrien did when he tested positive, it makes you wonder about the candidacy of something else that matters a lot to the american people, Amy Coney Barrett. Already there is movement among Democrats to say: hey lets slow this down. In light of what is going on, you wrote the book on the Kavanaugh proceedings before and after and through his confirmation. Where do you think Democrats are going to be doing with this candidacy now? Well, I was not surprised to see them officially call for a delay. You might remember that during the Kavanaugh confirmation delay was kind of the theme of the democratic response throughout the summer and then, when the allegations came forward and then they just kept on trying to find reasons to delay it. We need another FBI investigation. We need more time. Delay is something that they want because they want to push it past the election, because that is their best shot for preventing this nominee from filling her seat. But the senators do not seem inclined at all to delay on behalf of Democrats, particularly because of you who they handled the Kavanaugh confirmation.
There is no reason to defer to people after they showed what.
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