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Disparity of treatment in Trump, Biden town halls is big issue: Mark Penn

2020-10-17 | 🔗
Harris Poll Chairman and former Clinton pollster Mark Penn react on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend' to President Trump’s and Joe Biden’s town hall.
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Whether a do you think ideas, whether a do you think ideas like PETE, Buttigieg and others to put in place, safeguards, ensure long term balance and security. My youngest daughter is transgender. How will you, as president reverse, this dangerous and discriminatory agenda? Jedediah Joe Biden answering questions from voters, high profile, Democrats, town hall on Thursday, one who worked as a speech writer in the Obama administration here to react to the backlash Clinton, strategist and chairman of the Harris Poll Mark Penn Mark you see this stuff and its deeply concerning, because you want to believe that these town halls exist to give regular people a chance to voice their questions. Thats not whats happening in many cases. Is this a big issue news flash every campaign tries to get variables and some people who are favorable get in? I dont think this is a particularly big issue.
Bigger issue is a poll question we had recently where we ask people. Is the press easy or hard on President Trump Sixty sixty five percent said hard and then we said: are they easy or hard on Joe Biden and sixty sixty five percent said easy? So I think that the disparity of treatment overall is really the big issue and the public sees that and is wondering. Can they rely on the media anymore, given this disparity in the questions they do and the things they set up, thats the big issue Jedediah, but the problem is that it looks strategic and it very well may be strategic the reality. There is a difference between a republican or Democrat, asking a question political operative for many years and has a very specific political agenda asking a question: is it not a distinction and oftentimes the audience isnt
aware of that? Unless cases like this are divulged, of course, its a distinction. People are spontaneous natural voters. My point is, on the other hand, we have a cynical electorate that also realizes that more likely than not the voters participating in these things are not. You know, in fact, its very hard to find really neutral people. You know in a race where, under ten percent, undecided Jedediah Mark honestly mark if thats the case, the whole thing is a sham right. Then why do it at all in the whole point is to get to the heart of voters if you are just trying to strategically place people for a political agenda to say this or that thats, not a town hall, so lets just call it what it is now lets get rid of the town hall all together and say this is an event for strategically chosen operatives. Political campaigns proceed Trump had people who are Trump had people who are
favorable to him at the. This is not just about Democrats, its on both sides, these town halls look isnt it better to have a press that asks good questions about the issues than it is to try to set up a town hall look. Sometimes we have had some good debates with real voters when they are really screened. Well, hastily put together Jedediah. I hate to interrupt you. We have to wrap but love having this conversation with you and hope.
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