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Don Jr.: Democrats think cities run and destroyed by Democrats is somehow President Trump's fault

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Donald Trump, Jr. speaks out about unrest, 2020 election, and more on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Jedediah thanks so much Griff great reporting. As always, we are now going to jump in and bring in Donald Trump Jr, author of the brand new book liberal privilege, Joe Biden and the Democrats, defense of the in defensible. Welcome to the show this morning sounds like a great book well get to that in just a second, but we want to start with this new strategy. Thank you guys, Jedediah by Joe Biden, which seems to be to blame President Trump for the violence thats been erupting throughout these great american cities. Whats your reaction to that blame game. I think its pretty ridiculous. I think the american people see through it. They watch the Dnc that never ending. I hate America zoom call for one week and not one person, not one of the hundreds of people that they had speaking there. All Democrat even mentioned it. Now, the day after CNN, Andrew Cuomo and Don Lemon start saying its hurting these guys, they got to do something thats when Joe decides to come out of his basement for a few seconds, and he saw his shadow hes going back in, but even a statement. He
put out the other day. Well, we should do something ill come out of the basement in ten days. Is he going to run the country from the basement if he wins, because that seems to be the strategy, so this notion that Democrat cities that are being destroyed with Democrat Mayors and Democrat governors and Democrat City councils, run by Democrats and destroyed by Democrats in some cases for one hundred years, is somehow magically Donald trumps Fault is acenine. The reality is this and youve seen this in all of these blue states run by liberals. If you go to your job and open your business to put food on your family, you get arrested for that. But if you loot, someone elses business, no problem were okay with it at this point, theres. Basically acceptance from the left about whats going on in this country, and I honestly dont think that law, abiding citizen people who are working hard to try to live their american dream. I dont think they are buying it Brian Don. I know it must really
bother you. You see the mayor and his wife painting on the street across from Trump Tower Black lives matter as if theres nothing else to do in this city. Wait. There is something else to do if that wasnt outrageous enough, he goes mayor, Deblasio couldnt, do blue lives matter by the way the mayor went out and let everybody know how he views the economy and his view on wealth. Listen to this. You really want to change things in this city. Then everyone better change a lot of the way we live more foundationally. If you just talk about it and feel self satisfied, God bless you thats not actually going to change things. What changes things is re distribution of wealth, tax, the wealth at a much higher level- and I just feel like this is a lot of cocktail party comfort going on rather than people honestly. Dealing with this issue help me tax. The wealthy help me redistribute wealth help me build affordable housing
in white communities. If you want Desegretation Brian lets redistribute wealth. What country does he live in? Well? America? But if you didnt know any better youd think it was Venezuela or Cuba oral of those other failed socialist states and thats the reality. That sort of thing is actually part of Joe Bidens plan. Joe Biden is the ideal liberal right now to run because the media will spend billions of dollars selling to Middle America. That Joe Biden is a moderate, but if you look at his platform its exactly what Bill Deblasio is talking about, the american public were going to tax them middle class. Four dollars trillion to give free healthcare to illegals, free lawyers to illegals, free education. Now you have the privilege of paying for that, but you dont have the privilege of getting that for yourself or for your family. You have to pay for that separately. That is their plan. They want to integrate the suburbs into the big cities. So all of the failed policies of these major american cities. Again, we can spread that to the
suburbs, well eliminate single family housing. We can take all of what youve accumulated all of the wealth, youve accumulated and save in some cases for decades and were going to redistribute it all over the place and you have to enjoy that otherwise youre a terrible human being. That is literally Joe Bidens plan. The media is pretending, thats, not the case, because once Middle America, once suburban women, suburban voters, hear this. I think they would revolt against it. So the media is pretending, thats, not the case, but its literally in the Biden Sanders Joint unity plan on Joe Bidens website, so, unfortunately thats the battle were in were in such an uneven playing field with the media, acting as an activist for the left that we have to get this message out and thats. Why I wrote the book PETE well get to the book in just one moment: youre alluding to this double standard, its good enough for the, but not for me and sometimes theres, perfect examples of that hipocracy, one of which is now the Philadelphia mayor. Hes got a mask mandate in his
city, indoor dining, not open, but this is an Instagram post from a restaurant that caught the mayor at a restaurant in Maryland, hi mayor, glad youre, enjoying indoor dining with no social distancing or mask wearing in Maryland, while restaurants in Philly close, suffer and fight for every nickel just to survive. I guess all your press briefings and narrative of unsafe indoor, dining dont apply to you. Thank you for clearing it all up for us tonight. Well, the mayor quickly attempted to backtrack tweeting. This saying I know some are upset that I dined indoors at a restaurant. In Maryland yesterday I felt the risk was low because the county I visited has fewer than eight hundred Covid 19 cases compared to the thirty three thousand in Philly. Regardless, I understand the frustrations mask up. Philly is in his name. You cant make this stuff up: listen, thats! The definition of liberal privilege, youve seen that you saw the outrage from the media because a couple hundred people gathered at the White House the other day, but no
outrage about fifty thousand people marching in d dot c, not socially distancing. You actually got CNN to put a doctor, I believe on and say well its different because thats for social justice, I didnt realize that the virus would make a distinction between those marching for social justice and those supporting their president and actually love their country. I didnt think that could happen but again im not a doctor, so I dont know Jedediah Don lets get to your book now liberal privilege, Joe Bidens defense of the in defensible. It is on sale today. Why did you write it and what can people look forward to reading in there? I wrote it honestly because I had all of this time during four months of lockdown and I started looking at the person were running against, and I said I couldnt believe how much information I found out there that the american people dont know. You saw a great example of it yesterday, where Joe Biden during debates could say absolutely no fracking were not doing that were eliminating that by two thousand and thirty were going to eliminate all fossil fuels, but then in Pennsylvania, where thats an
issue that matters and he needs to win, he can say exactly the opposite. Exactly the opposite and the media will not even pick it up and they will let him run with a good point in a place that helps him and they will let him run with an opposite point to a liberal, extreme group somewhere else and never call him out so liberal privileges, the accumulation of Joe Biden and the Democrats really theres fifty years his fifty year swamp career. If Joe Biden could have fixed any of the things that he says, hes going to fix, why wait fifty years to start name a single Joe Biden accomplishment? I know people that take a little while to warmup. You know low energy like Joe, but fifty years, half a century I mean. Is anyone that stupid to believe that this guy can actually do it? The media gets the idea that hey, we can run Joe hes moderate Joe from Scranton no hes, not he left Scranton when he was eight years old, moved into D. Dot C got his first elected Washington D, DOT c swamp position
in his 20s and has since been shipping american jobs abroad. I love this other one hes, the saviour of the blue collar worker in America. He supported NAFTA. He pushed for Tpp, he pushed for chinas permanent status and the world trade organizational of these things that literally destroyed the middle class of America that destroyed manufacturing. Nothing to see here. Folks, the media has refused to do their stated job. They wont report on any of this half a century of terrible votes, terrible decisions. How about his health? The media wont report that Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysm S, explosions in his brain, that required brain surgery and when he forgets where he is fifty percent of the time. No theres no problem. Now, if Donald Trump Miss pronounces, some sort of obscure name somewhere else a little bit, they go crazy and they will have every television psychologist in America. On the air analyzing, it saying he has dementia Joe Biden cant. Remember where he is. You see him yesterday, where he
missed something on the Tele prompter, because you know a fifty five year politician should need a teleprompter to talk to a group of seven or eight people, hes just not there, but the media will not even question it. They wont talk about those kind of things and honestly its not something to laugh about or make light of its truly sad. But the problem is when youre running for president of the United States. This guy could have the nuclear football. You know we got to be able to have this conversation open and honestly, but again Joe Biden is just the sock puppet for the radical left its why he has Kamala Harris in there its why hes got the Bernie Sanders Joint unity plan. The media gets the best of both worlds because they can try and theyll spend billions to convince the american public. That Joe Biden is a moderate youre, not a moderate, with Kamala Harris as your VP, with the liberal record youre, not a model with ill. Take your ar 15 as your gun, czar and again, youre, certainly not a
moderate when you use Bernie Sanders platform to tank, the middle class, four dollars trillion for illegal immigrants and other radical proposals, and it would destroy our middle class and many systems and no different than what Bill Deblasio is doing. The media is able to cover, for Joe Biden is all of those things. Fifty years of failure, but again were to believe hes going to do it this time. Brian! Well, Don! Congratulations on the book ill talk to you a little bit later on radio about it and its going to be an interesting next.
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