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Don Jr.: If Democrats will attack a 16-year-old, what won't they do?

2020-08-26 | 🔗
Donald Trump, Jr. on attacks against Covington Catholic teen Nicholas Sandmann and the second night of the RNC.
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I fought back hard to expose. I fought back hard to expose the media for what they did to me, and I want a personal victory. We must all embrace our first amendment rights and not hide in fear of the media or from the tech companies or from the outraged mob either. One more thing lets make America great again. Steve didnt, see that part coming until he did it. Anything Sandmanns speech was one of the highlights from night, two Covington High school graduate calling out the media over their coverage of that viral confrontation caught on video. He wound up suing a bunch of media companies, and here with his reaction, is Donald Trump Jr Don Good morning to you. You actually went to bat early on for Nick Sandmann. I did. I saw what was going on and its amazing. It took a 16 year old to actually stand up to the nonsense that we have in the media and I think for the american people who are watching imagine a scenario where the media, because the
narrative was so good. He was a white christian conservative male from the south. Oh, this is the perfect story. We must cancel him immediately if the left and their media is willing to destroy a 16 year old child to push their nonsense. What wont they destroy Steve, Steve? Well, you know and he wasnt going to be canceled. He hired Lynn, wood, a legendary attorney and he sued a bunch of media companies and hes sued the Washington Post and CNN for about a quarter of a billion dollars. The settlement terms are confidential, but nonetheless he settled with them because they wanted to get that over with, but he did say last night nobody has been a victim of unfair media coverage more than your father. Well, I think thats, one hundred percent accurate when you look at the Trump adminitration when you look at the accomplishments even prior to covid. Ninety six percent negative coverage with all time: low
unemployment number all time high start up: businesses for every demographic in the country for Hispanics African Americans, women just across the board. There wasnt a single economic metric where we werent significantly better off than the failed Obama Biden administration. And yet you dont hear about it, because the media refuses to cover that they literally got a peace deal done in the Middle EAST within the last two weeks and theres almost zero coverage, so thats like the holy GRAIL of GEO, political politics, and nobody is talking about it because they want to shield for Joe Biden they want to push for a guy thats a fifty year d, dot c swamp creature and you cant name his accomplishments. But now after half a century hes going to start deliving for the american people, give me a break Steve. Does anyone believe this nonsense? Any more Steve? You were one of the keynote speakers on the first night Monday night and speaking of the media. Afterwards I saw that the main concern was: why were his eyes so
glassy? Well, I guess there must have been something with the lighting, but they started doing this trending thing, Donald Trump Jrs on cocaine, and all of that I said no, no. You have me confused with Hunter Biden, Steve. Oh, it was pretty ridiculous. So when they cant attack the delivery, when they cant attack the substance, they got to attack something just like be Tte, Midler and all of these last night attacking Melania, because she didnt speak English, the same way that they would well. She speaks five languages shes from a foreign country. She got up on a world stage and knocked it out of the park. But do you know what attack her its ridiculous? Its the same as watching the Dnc attacking the Rnc, because the Rnc has the gall to showcase real Americans who have benefited for Donald Trump S, policies who have benefited from this administration, rather than the out of touch Hollywood celebrities that they put on their never ending zoom call of I hate America last week
its truly mind boggling. How out of touch the Democrats? Are they dont even see it Steve? Before you go im sure youve talked to your father after two nights were half way through whats his reaction to how its been going so far. You know, honestly, I think he seems really excited. He called me after my delivery and each of us as weve gone, hes called us and just been very thankful for that and for our performance, but, more importantly, he was so excited to see again those real Americans. I was speaking to isnt that an incredible story, its amazing to see and thats whats, amazing, thats, whats, so great about America, unlike the dncs hate FEST last week. This is showcasing the american Dream MAX Alvarez, the other night coming over from Cuba escaping communism. Talking about those things you saw last night, prison reform, opportunity zones thats what America is about, thats, the american dream,
thats the american story and those stories could only happen in America. This is the greatest country on earth and we shouldnt be afraid to embrace that. If you even attempted to embrace that last week, you get nothing at the Dnc four straight nights. No one even denounced they didnt even touch the violence, the looting, the rioting, but man. If you go to church, they will make sure they arrest you, you open up your business to put food on your table. Youre in trouble. Youll lose your business license and also arrest you, its ridiculous, Steve. Well, people are watching tonight night, three Don Jr. Thank you very much for.
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