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Donald Trump Jr. on declassification of Russia docs: 'What we knew all along'

2020-10-07 | 🔗
President Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., reacts to the declassification of former CIA Director John Brennan’s notes on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Thank you thanks. Griff lets bring in Donald Trump Jr executive vice president of the Trump Organization and author, the brand new book book called liberal privilege, Joe Biden and the Democrats defense of the Indefense Cybil good morning good morning. How are you Ainsley doing? Well? What can we expect tonight? Listen. I think you will see a great debate. I really do want to get out there talking about the facts, because the number one fact as it relates to Covid is that Kamala Harris Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer. They all wanted to keep our borders open between China, the epicenter of a viral outbreak, guys that was their response. They couldnt help themselves but go to the p dot c response of, but go to the p dot c response of well its racist and exok xenop to epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. They will have the media, who will carry the water for them and do campaigning and work for them.
Those are the facts. The number one thing we could have done to slow the spread of Covid 19 is exactly what my father did where he shut down travel on January. 31St from China, the Democrats for six weeks wanted to keep the borders open, which would have flooded the country with sick people. It would have overwhelmed our systems and you would have read all the who are who are stories that were trying to pin on the administration that never would have. Brian MIKE Pence is ready for a big night. He knows these issues so well. He has done so much for the Covid 19 virus. Providing all this information for the states lets move on and talk about how your dad is feeling word is: the symptoms have decreased, no sign of fever, shortness of breath, and what about the other story that I saw in the Jerusalem Post and Vanity fair that don? You were concerned about your dads behavior in the hospital and the drive by. Is that true that had you, this battle with your sister and brother, about trying to intervene not even a little bit, I literally I had spoken to my father over the weekend.
He was doing great. I hadnt spoken to anyone else in my family until basically that story broke. So we all sort of got a big laugh about it, its vanity fair. They do these hit pieces. They dont have to source anything. They dont check with my team to see if its accurate, its against Donald Trump. So there is exactly zero truth to that conversation having taken place at all. This is what they do: try to pit the family against each over and try to do these kind of things I swear on a stack will bibles that it never happened, but that doesnt matter for vanity, fair Brian. How is he feeling? How is your dad feeling? Oh, he is doing great. It was sort of amazing, even speaking to him on Friday or over the weekend. Literally, he was rushing to get me off the phone because he had calls he had to make and work he had to do for the american people. I mean you know its sort of amazing. Some things never change. He has always been that way for his entire life. I have never even seen him sick. I dont think I have ever seen him have the flu or anything like that. I knew he was going to get
through this. More importantly, while he was getting through it, he was still fighting for the american people, which is pretty awesome to see Steve Don. What about the story that yesterday your dad treated out, you know I have ordered the team to stop negotiating with Nancy Pelosi, because the Republicans have offered one point. Six trillion and the Democrats still wants two point: three trillion to bail out Democrat, led states and cities, and things like that that shocked everybody. Although now he says he would like to make sure that people got a one thousand two hundred dollars check if they would come back with that or to help rescue the airline industry. Apparently Nancy Pelosi was on the phone with Democrats at the time after she heard that the president had pulled the plug on the negotiation, and she said you know I think steroids could actually be influencing the president. In other words, your dad is suffering from some sort of rode rage. Nancy has her own substance issues. According to the press and the media,
I wont get into that. Its obviously nonsense. The reality is this Nancy Pelosi was trying to stack this. You know, literally, probably, a trillion dollars of excess nonsense to bailout democrat cities to push for cashless bail, to get illegal immigrants, stimulus checks and part of that package, while the american taxpayer, as usual, gets to foot the bill for her radical left agenda. Donald Trump simply wants to get money to the american people, but if the Democrats continue to do this, to try to drive that narrative as though they pulled out its absolutely asinine, they asked for a wish list of totally ridiculous things, things that have nothing to do with getting the economy going things that would only be there to fund again a radical leftist Democrat wish list, primarily again cashless bail funding for illegal immigrants. I mean this is the kind of nonsense that Americans are sick of Donald Trump said enough. If she doesnt want to get to the table like she did numerous times before, where she came up with more asinine things like millions and millions of dollars for the Kennedy Center for the
arts, the real problem is, though, guys they are trying to do that. Theyre trying to take responsible states taxpayer dollars and use it to bail out fifty years of failed democrat leadership in states and cities across the country. Have you senile whats gone on for the last six months? Have you seen it its all Democrat cities, with Democrat Mayors and Democrat legislators and Democrat governors and Democrat rules over half a century, sometimes even a century thats what she is trying to bail out and foot the bill on the american taxpayer, because the media is so in the Democrats pocketed they could walk away and see oh see its Donald Trump thats doing it as opposed to her fighting for things that have nothing to do with helping the american people now when they need it most Ainsley Don your dad has authorized declassifying all of the Russia collusion documents. Its been revealed that John Brennan did brief. President Obama, that Hillary was stirring up a scandal between your father and Russia to distract from her email scandal. What was your reaction to that?
Listen given what I went through because of that for three and a half years, im, obviously pretty upset its sort of what we knew was going on all along its. Why I was so belligerent at the time and wasnt going to be quiet and let it go because I knew it was nonsense, but whats really frustrating is now that we know that this was again a set up. Now that we know all of them knew the CIA, the upper levels of the FBI, the Obama administration, Obama and Biden himself. They all knew, and they let this go on for four years. They let it happen, knowing that it was nonsense, because it would hurt Donald Trump. This kind of stuff cant happen in America. This kind of stuff shouldnt happen in third world countries, but its going on right here, whats scary, is guys. No one seems to care now that the media now that its against their darling Obama. You know, despite his failed administration, you know their darling candidate, Joe Biden, despite fifty years of failure in Washington D, DOT C, with literally no success, certainly
not one anyone could name. You know now that its against them, they dont, want anything. They are actually outraged that we would wants transparency. They are outraged that the american people should be able to see all of the information and, by the way, the upper levels of the FBI and the CIA are still doing whatever they possibly can to make sure that those documents dont get out, they will say. Well, you know there is secret stuff in there, no, its, not secret its nonsense, its that you were all involved and you guys are protecting your failed, DR corrupted bureaucratic institutions rather than the constitution, Brian Gotcha, which is the pattern we have seen for the last four years, and it needs to stop now Brian, absolutely Donald Trump Jr. Thanks so much.
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