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Dozens of Mueller team cell phones wiped before they could be viewed by inspector general?

2020-09-12 | 🔗
Reaction from former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman.
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Newly released records reveal newly released records, reveal cell phones of several dozen people were wiped before the inspector general could review them among them LISA page whose phone was quote restored to factory settings and deputy Andrew Wiseman, who quote entered his password too many times here to react, is federal prosecutor help me out here. This is one of the highest profile infections. We have seen we cover the process. Is it common that dozens of people would suddenly say? I have nothing on my phone because it has been wiped when it is common, is when a criminal is trying to hide evidence in an investigation. We see it in cases, but we charge
those individuals with destruction of evidence or interfering with an investigation obstruction of justice. This is a coincidence if one or two it occurs, but dozens and before the inspector general is going to investigate. It is unbelievable. I heard a term anticipatory obstruction of justice. They know someone will ask for it, so they get rid of it. They had to know the way they conducted. This investigation could be under scrutiny because could be under scrutiny because of how high profile it is. So a dozen people make up various excuses. What consequences could come from this? This falls in the same vein as an investigation. We often hear in todays media, the thousand and one violations thousand and one violations
which is in essence it can be keeping or withholding information. You know an investigator will be asking about. So that is what is happening. You have individuals who knew there would be investigations into what they did. There were clear signals sent that they were going to review what the Mueller team did in the investigation of the attorney general did what he should have done and the inspector general was reviewing it im disappointed. The inspector general did not make more of this when he knew about it this when he knew about it, there should have been updates to the investigative reports, and I hope investigators are building a case and will do something about it. The american people are tired of seeing those that are supposed to investigate bad behavior, and now we know the russian hoax. They were looking into should also Beme and face consequences.
You say consequences this story is absurd, yet I have a biting sense that they are going to escape, but somehow on a technicality, is there a chance, their actual consequences? You and I both know there werent consequences for someone smashing with a hammer cell smashing with a hammer cell phone or deleting emails. There should be consequences. I hope the attorney general turns this over to an investigator who wants to get to the bottom of this.
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