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Dr. Alveda King on ‘celebration of life’ for Rep. John Lewis

2020-07-25 | 🔗
The 6-day celebration of the 33-year congressman, civil rights leader will start in Troy and Selma; Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Retire, better Griff were become with a live, Griff were become with a live. Look in Troy, Alabama the casket carrying late Congressman John Lewis, expected to arrive at any moment a six day. Celebration of life begins today for the civil rights icon. Lewis will first be honored. This morning, in his hometown of Troy, a public service will be held before Lewis is moved to Selma PETE thats, where Lewis was beaten by state troopers on the Edmond Pettus Bridge on bloody Sunday, his body will be carried across the bridge, as it makes its way to the U Dot S capitol where he will lie in state Jedediah. Fox news channel will have special coverage of the services honoring Lewis, beginning at eleven. A dot m certainly wont want to miss them were bringing in Dr Alveda king niece of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Welcome to the show today, as always your thoughts today, as we remember John Lewis.
Thank you so much for this opportunity. This morning I am in a little bit of a noisy environment, so I ask you to bear with me. However, John Lewis, an icon, a civil rights icon, will be laid to rest soon were in a tumultuous time right here in the 21st century and its amazing that all of this has happened. Joseph Lowry passed earlier during the beginning of Covid 19 during the beginning of Covid 19 and now John Dear John. I will miss him. He certainly was an inspiration to me. We did not agree politically at all everything we disagreed on, but he was always peaceful, always loving and he adhered to those principles, and I think if I, if I were to say to young people today, if you could learn anything from John Lewis, it is
how to communicate in a peaceful manner to remain strong, even when youre under virulent attack. Those are things you have to learn and I believe he was a great statesman Griff, its a great point, alved a talk to us about how significant it is today that John Lewis will cross again for the last time across the Edmond Pettus Bridge. I think its very significant. You know my dad was on that bridge that day and he was beaten. Many were ive been to Selma Bridge, as I call it many many times during the years for various reasons, so I think, even if they renamed that bridge, we will never forget what John Lewis went through and how he was able to cope with it through the years thats going to be very, very important. So I think it is significant. Now weve got things to deal
with right here today: Covid 19, race, wars in America, and so may we learn to be peaceful warriors as we deal with these issues today, Jedediah alveda thats such an important message. We see federal authorities entering cities across the country right now in an effort to preserve some degree of sanity it for those residents. What do you think and what message do you have as you look at that footage of some of these violent protests that have erupt and some of the massive destruction that we have seen that has really ravaged so many cities across the country? Can I encourage people to come together in prayer in these cities? Thats? What we do in anatomy, Atlanta, weve, had several prayer meetings in the face of violence and in the face of death, so dont forget to pray and congregate peacefully support our leaders in prayer. I think you know during when I marched I marched in a youth organization as well. Sometimes
those troopers had to come in and bring peace and calm, and that will happen so the less we pray, the more humans will try to solve the problem, but as we pray and bring God into the solution gods already here, we just have to pray so im calling on all leaders to pray to be peaceful, to be hopeful to not be fearful and tearful, but to be good leaders and to call on God for Help PETE call on God no better place to leave it. Dr Alveda king, thank you so much for these words for sharing the legacy of an amazing american patriot and for your time this morning we.
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