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Dr. Birx warns of a 'new phase' in coronavirus as Americans start to move around the country

2020-08-03 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat provides insight into Dr. Birx’s coronavirus warning.
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Ainsley as Covid 19 cases Ainsley as Covid 19 cases continue to to rise in many parts of the country. Dr Deborah Birx warning. We are entering a new phase of the pandemic. We are in a new phase and thats why? I really wanted to make it clear to the american people. Can I tell you across America right now, people are on the move. What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread. Its into the rural as call urban areas Ainsley here to discuss is Fox NEWS, contributor and emergency medicine physician, Dr Janette Nesheiwat good morning to you good morning, Ainsley Ainsley. How should we feel about that? Well, this is definitely concerning. We have to remember that this is an opportunistic infection. It will jump from person to person when we allow it to do so. If you recall, last month, we learned that this virus is actually up to ten times more infectious and more contagious than we originally thought. Due to a tiny mutation. We are seeing it not just in big
cities, but now in rural areas, in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana, where there is limited, Icu or no Icu, that can be dangerous and life threatening it for some people. I think its really really important critical to understand that this virus can affect anyone at any age. We just saw our very first double lung transplant in a young healthy 28 year old, she was just discharged from the hospital in Chicago. She had no underlying conditions. Fortunately, she is doing okay. There are other people waiting for lung transplants because of the irreversible damage of this disease. Thats, all scary, we think the younger ones are going to be healthy. You could be this one like this young lady im glad she is out of the hospital and doing well. Dr Birx says its going to depend on southern and western states respond to this whats your advice for the folks watching who live in those areas sure. Well, we know what causes this. We know its from the family, social gatherings, large crowds parties, not social
distancing, not wearing your mask, not washing your hands. So if we all can adhere and comply with these very simple basic preventative measures, we can save our community. We can save our neighbors life, we each have a personal responsibility and duty to take. You know proper precautions, not just to protect ourselves but to protect others. So you think that you are invincible, but you are not. We really are all vulnerable to this disease and we need to be respectful of mother nature and take care of one another so that we can continue with our normal daily lives sooner than later Ainsley. What about schools? Do you think schools should reopen? It depends on where you are located. It depends on the transmission rate, the prevalence of the disease in the community. If you are at twenty thirty percent positivity rate, we need to pause for two or three weeks until we get it under control. If you are at five percent low transmission rate in the community, then I think its critical to get our children into school, because you know the detrimental impacts of missing out on social
interactions with their peers. The learning the education, the hot meals, though, are very important and can play a bigger role and have a bigger impact than being at home because of the fear of coronavirus. We know from studies that have recently come out that children are less impacted, even though they can be impacted, but they are less impacted from critical.
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