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Dr. Deborah Birx gives update on COVID-19 cases, vaccine development, reopening schools, hydroxychloroquine

2020-07-30 | 🔗
White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx joins 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley back with Fox NEWS, Ainsley back with Fox NEWS alert, major breakthrough in search for covid, 19 vaccine PETE, Johnson AMP Johnson, revealing overnight it protects monkeys after one doze human trials of that vaccine begin today, as Covid 19 related deaths now top one hundred and fifty thousand in the? U dot S Brian wow. Now more than four point four million cases, seven states reporting record high number of deaths in a single day lets bring in Dr Deborah Birx White House Coronavirus response coordinator, Dr Birx, always great to see you. The word is that you say im worried about the south, but im really worried about the Midwest, where doctor so just to remind everyone across the south still a very serious pandemic, although they are starting to see the glimmers of hope of improvement, and we really want to thank governors and mayor who is have worked hard with their populations to ensure everyone was wearing masks, decreasing
social gatherings decreasing in places like bars, an decreasing parties at home, where you cant social distant. Now we see the virus, probably because of vacations and other reasons of travel, moving up into Kentucky. Tennessee southern Ohio, Missouri Iowa, Kansas Nebraska and, of course we continue to have problems across the West Coast, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah, and now increases in Colorado. So these are the states that we call yellow states. We believe the governors and mayors of every locality right now would mandate masks for their communities and every American would wear a mask and socially distance and not congregate in large settings where you cant, socially distance or wear a mask, we can really get control of the virus and drive down cases as Arizona has done. Ainsley Dr Birx. This is exciting news with Johnson AMP Johnson, giving drug to vaccine
on monkeys and works on first try. What do you know about this? And what more can you tell us doctor the exciting thing about Johnson AMP Johnson vaccine trials from Moderna and Pfizer the Johnson AMP Johnson, all to have vaccines were built on what we call known technology or known vectors. So we knew the safety to begin with. The Johnson AMP Johnson vaccine is exciting because its a single dose to show protection in monkeys does shorten the time period for development because you read out becomes thirty days quicker. Pete doctor your colleague Dr Fauci, suggested recently that googles would work even better or in addition to youre talking about masks. People have come around to the reality of that. Are we going to look at more demands? Based on what Dr Fauci has said doctor I have seen great face
shields and ive seen them around the country ive been out to fourteen states. The administration sent me out to hot spots, an yellow states to deliver specific messages about how to improve and prevention spread in their communities and ive gotten to see a lot of exciting face, masks out there and face masks that cover from the bottom up, and I think thats really. I think people the american people are innovative. Those are actually pretty easy and straightforward to make many universities and those who have printers are making face shields. Now the 3d printers can increase production and I think others are making them and they are going to be decorated. Pete doctor, no one is interested in decorations. I want to know face shield or goggles is something that we will hear next. Is this something that will become the new guidelines doctor the mask is to protect others its to block those droplets and block that contamination that happens when
you speak or sing, or talk or even breathe the thing about the face shields. We think that that could protect the individuals and that it would decrease the ability for them to touch their eyes and spread virus, as well as the droplets coming towards them. So there are two different technologies for two different reasons: Brian Unbelievable, because we heard the masks not only protect people from you, but your protection, so dont wear a mask, wear a mask, and now it can help you if its spread- and now it can help you block and now youre saying, wear goggles its unbelievable. All right lets get kids back to school. Do you believe from what you know, even in the hottest spot, theres a way to get kids back to school, safely? Being that their transmission is so low, the chances of them getting? It is so small doctor first lets go back to
the two statistics, one. We know from examples around the country that children do get infected. What we do know they do better by in large the question about whether they are less transmit, the virus, less still open debate. We have one study not done in the United States, and I think that still is an open question when youre talking about putting children back in school, the teachers, the grandparents that are home in multigenerational Brian, we heard from experts saying its almost impossible for kids to spread this to other kids and adults. Youre saying its not true at all doctor, we have one study in South Korea that showed precise fact. What I can tell you in the United States do. I have an example, positive or negative. That confirms that study, and I think you know with scientists we like to have always more than one study to confirm it.
What we do know is children, particularly children under eighteen, get much less sick as well as people under thirty five. That means also that we call asymptomatic and more likely to spread the virus without them, knowing that they have symptoms what we can do as Americans. If we want our children back in schools, is we can help this country by everybody doing what the president has asked wear a mask socially distance, avoid gatherings where you cannot socially distant and wear masks in bars and house parties, and this will bring the case numbers very rapidly. If we altogether, as Americans, did those few things PETE, we would love to have ten studies, but school is coming. So is the guidance going to be follow protocols and measures, but get kids back in school? Doctor CDC has put out guidelines, so children can go
back to school. I think every school districts around the country, and certainly we have multiple school districts where the test positivity is under two percent and we have a whole another set of school districts, an counties where its less than five percent and case counts are extraordinarily low. What we want is the whole country to be able to go back to school and all of those case counts down to what we call the green states, and we know that is possible, because states have been able to do that and maintain that and thats the evidence base that we should be talking about. We have evidence now of what works and how to maintain very low case counts. The rest of America needs to follow those guidelines and bring the rest of us into that green category. Ainsley Dr Birx lets talk about Hydroxychloroquine, because the president was saying that it has worked for some people. There was the local congresswoman that said it saved her life and then you recently had videos of doctors. I believe in Texas. Social media sites
took down sites because she was saying this could be a cure and has helped every single patient and no one has died, because I put them on Hydroxychloroquine and Z pack. Why are they banning it if it works in certain cases doctor? Because science and medicines have always been full of accounts like this and thats? Why you do randomized clinical trials to actually be able to compare patient to patient everything that you just reported on had no controls in those individual practices? We know in the randomized control of the trials to date and theres been several of them, theres, no evidence that it improves the patients outcomes, moderate disease or seriously ill in the hospital medicine. Always has these reports and thats why we do these randomized control trials? There also may be a specific subgroup that does benefit, but
we cant see those in the randomized control trials, Ainsley isnt, that up to your doctor, what? If your doctor says Hydroxychloroquine or my doctor remdesivir doctor, lets separate issues. We did have randomize control on remdesivir. The American can have advantage of receiving remdesivir and can benefit the most that is moving forward. Medical boards decide for their state based on clinical practices and so im, assuming that Ohio had a very specific reason. In order to take this approach, every state has to be able to look at this independently because thats how we are with state driven with those kind of decision making PETE all right, Dr Deborah Birx. Thank you very much for.
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