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Dr. Marc Siegel on how coronavirus impacts children

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in on the push to safely reopen schools in America amid the coronavirus pandemic on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Jillian, no one has gotten sick at their gym. Brian Brian schools. In thirty eight states are planning to have some in person learning this fall Ainsley. What do parents need to know about how coronavirus impacts our children here to break it down? Fox news, medical contributor, Dr Marc Siegel, good morning, doctor doctor good Morning, Ainsley Ainsley? What do parents need to know doctor? I think they need to Know- and this is very important. Studies of children under age of ten are much less likely to be spreading. Covid 19 to adults. That was huge study in South Korea and true in Greece and Switzerland and Australia thats, where we are starting from. I think a lot of what happens in schools are adults, taking precautions and are teachers congregating close to each other and are they obeying social distancing, and I think young children Ainsley, especially given the tremendous public
health cost of keeping schools closed. I think we should start with considering opening the elementary schools first, because the chances of spread from kids to adults is low and the tremendous cost in terms of public health is very, very high. Kids cannot learn, and you know this from your daughter- they cannot learn at a very young age online. Only Steve when you look at the numbers close to four hundred thousand kids in the United States have tested positive for Covid 19 and when you look at the mortality rate in children, children were zero percent to zero point. Four percent of all covid deaths and nineteen deaths reported zero child deaths and in states reporting zero to half zero point. Five percent of all child Covid 19 cases resulted in death. There have also been ninety cumulative child deaths from May 21st to August. First, those are the numbers, but the
reality is. When you look at the parents who are trying to decide, do I send my kid to school? Do I keep him here? Whats the checklist they go through doctor? Well Steve. You made a very important point here. What they didnt emphasize is they either had no symptoms at all or very mildly symptomatic. Ive been testing antibodies on kids since the beginning, and I see kids that have positive antibodies that never got sick at all and less than six hundred hospitalizations thats right less than six hundred hospitalizations throughout the entire pandemic of children under the age of eighteen. I think that parents have to focus, though, on teaching kids, physical, distancing, mask wearing and washing hands. Thats key and, of course, teachers have to instill that as well. I think the schools should be open. Brien, quick, 20, second answer tell your kids ahead of time.
Your kid is going to test positive, but theyre going to be fine doctor exactly Brian. They are going to be fine and we can also keep kids that are sick, separate what we have to focus on teacher behavior, the mental health cost, the nutrition cost the cost in terms of not getting vaccinations, the cost in terms of other medical problems not being taken care of, and socialization and learning huge huge cost. If we dont open the schools, big mistake, Brian, we have to live with this and we cant hide from this forever and thats the message we have to send out Dr Seigel. Thank you. So much doctor be leaders to our children, Brian.
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