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Dr. Marc Siegel receives COVID-19 vaccine live at NYU Langone hospital

2020-12-23 | 🔗
Dr. Marc Siegel receives Pfizer vaccine live on ‘Fox & Friends,’ says vaccination process is going ‘very smoothly’ among medical professionals at his hospital.
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Plus zero percent interest for forty eight months on all smart beds ends Thursday, will Griff welcome back the coronavirus vaccine being distributed across the nation, with healthcare workers and nursing home residents, rolling up their slofs sleeves among those getting the shot. Our very own, Dr Marc Siegel, about to get vaccinated, live right now on Fox AMP friends. He joins us from Ny Langone Medical Center good Morning, Dr Siegel. This is very exciting, walk us through what is about to happen good morning, good morning Griff, you know, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said the other day that there should be a lion. People should stay in the line and not go out of the line. She is a celebrated military veteran, as you know, and let me tell you what the line is here here at Nyu Langone Health. We are in cohort one cohort. One started with our emergency room workers who see covid directly Icu workers who see covid directly. You saw me interview Tara, Easter last week, who is the manager of
the medical Icu and we have moved on to direct covid patients now its my turn im in line, because I see patients day to day face to face Griff im going to see them today in the office im going to see them tomorrow in the office. So im at the right point in the line its my turn im Incredit, I can bably excited to get this vaccine. I talk to some officials from operation Warp speed yesterday, its unbelievable that its occurred so fast and im here with nurse Regina who, how many vaccines have you been giving out so we gave out many vac seems seems more than hundreds every day have you had the vaccine yet not yet im planning on getting it as soon as its my turn is it are you excited? I am extremely excited for the vaccine. Will it our issues, especially because we had so much covid and if a tattles during the last Nightbeat months, what are you going to ask me im going to ask you several questions? Do you have any severe allergy,
or did you have any severe allergic reactions due to any allergies? Anybody have any side effects from the vaccine that you have been giving out so far. Everybody are is well just the side effects which we all know had, which is normal at after injection its a sore arm or slight fever in the evening, but no other significant reaction, Griff speaking of slow arms, Dr Siegel people going right back to would wait for about twenty minutes here and when they leave Griff, Dr Siegel, if I can jump in with you, will two quick things: roll your sleeve up and start getting you Reddy, you got it Griff, which vaccine are you getting? Is this Pfizer or no concern that? What are you getting all right right now, Dr Siegel Siegel is just getting ready, may have lost his I he F will v connected to that white coat. The way these things are done, wait and watch. Can I hear you part of the frontline workers, Dr Siegel? Okay, I got my sleeve rolled
up Griff, which vaccine are you getting go ahead, im getting the Pfizer vaccine? We have been giving that out in the medical center here, I must say its really really going very smoothly very streamlined, very organized. We are getting alert all the time about when our time in line is. I couldnt be happier about that usingsing, the vaccine in the main facility in the main hospital start to add in Moderna vaccine and other places, other hospitals and facilities. We feel that they are indistinguishable pretty much mostly here at the are medical center. We are giving the Pfizer shot, Griff go ahead and get that shot in your arm and the nurse there helping give that vaccine. Dr Siegel, why are you doing this live on tv? Will many im doing this because I want people to know. I dont have the slightest concern about this. I am going to not taking a second off from work. Maybe I will have a sore arm. Maybe I wont im not in any way worried about
this vaccine. I want to use this to protect my patients, and I want my patients out there to get this when its their turf. Everyone in the United States has to take this vaccine. Its incredibly exciting that we have this tool to fight back can against Covid 19. Everyone here is excited about this Griff hold still it isnt going to hurt. Hang on doctors make the worse patients Griff, but you know I im all right. She is is really great. She is really great Griff. Look at that all right, Dr Siegel. We have got to wrap it up and leave it there. Thank you. So we are about to go to a hard break and go black. Thank you for being there and thank that nurse for this important work. Thank you, sir. Thank you.
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