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Dr. Nicole Saphier on daily coronavirus case surges in US

2020-11-07 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Jedediah coronavirus, surging Jedediah coronavirus surging across the nation, twelve, the thousand cases reported yesterday third day in a row. New cases surpassed one hundred thousand here. What this means to combat Covid, 19 Fox NEWS, medical contributor, Dr Nicole Saphier, joins us now, Dr Saphier. If you dont mind just go through this with us a little bit these case numbers look hijackers concerning talk to a US, a little bit about hospitalizations and how concerned we should be well good morning, Jedediah and absolutely im going to break it down the good, the bad, the inevitable start, with bad news and move on to good news. Bad news is yes, we have record breaking new case numbers, not just in one region. It is widespread. Throughout our country we are seeing in urban settings and rural settings new cases in older and youngser populations. At this point widespread, as we have rising cases, we are seeing a rise in hospitalizations, which of course, is a concerning trend. Four percent rise nut last week. Twenty states reporting over one thousand
people being hospitalized with covid. Can I tell you New Jersey alone is at a spot where we have as many people hospitalized now as we did in May. This is extremely concerning. However, I want to move on to some good news. Jedediah. When you look at the death rates from Covid 19, we have made marked improvements may and April twenty percent chance of I do going. You were hospitalized with Covid 19 now that death rate has increased to seven point six percent, that is because of early detection, early Interveterans and our great treatment. However, seven point six is extremely high, much higher than the common other infectious diseases much higher than the flu as we head into the Hollywood holiday season. This is where the inevitable comes in. We need to make sure we keep our hospital beds open as we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holidays. We usually see a rise in stroke, cardiovascular disease, suicides and other reasons that people
need a hospital bed would have to do our part to decrease spread of infection to make sure our house of Representatives can take care of patients where we are seeing positive cases are from our home gatherings its not schools, its not schools or places of businesses its from people trying to get together. You bring up an important point there and you mention the holiday season, which has been critical and on peoples mind on that note, Governor Cuomo in New York is set continue to crease national Guard presence. Ought New York airports to stop untested travelers from entry? This is largefully responds to increase that well see in holiday travel. What do you make of that call? Well, so there is a little bit of fear mongering there. When you hear National Guard, you get a little nervous. This is something I have actually called for the everyiest. I said it on tv was in April, mind you, he didnt call the National Guard for the riots and protests and all the other things better late than never heres. The thing if we are not going to call interstate travel, then we have
to make sure that we are not continuing to bring the virus all across the country. It doesnt make that big of a difference now, because its widespread, really in the beginning, is when it should have happened. It really should have kept it halted in a region. I think if you want to be on an airplane, if you want to be on a train, if you want to be in these close contained spaces, maybe you should have a test within forty eight hours. I dont think thats unreasonable. You know the armed guard presence. I dont want it to turned into that country or that situation where people have fear. I do think the responsible thing to do if you travel and meet other people make sure you dont have Covid 19. Until we have that vaccine, which good news we are probably going to have multiple approved candidates, early two thousand and twenty one thanks to operation warp speed. Until then we need to be responsible and do what we can as individuals. Jedediah personal responsibility comes into play here.
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