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Dr. Oz: 'It would be reasonable' for Trump to be discharged from hospital Monday

2020-10-05 | 🔗
Dr. Mehmet Oz tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that President Trump being discharged from the hospital could ‘make perfect sense’ depending on his ‘oxygenation.’
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Supporters, Brian, not a dull moment, lets bring in Dr Mehmet OZ of Dr Oz, show, given that the president has steroids five days of remdesivir, two or three days in on it. Are you surprised, surprised that he can in fact be released today? Is that something that you would advise, Dr Oz? It depends oxygenation Brian fatigue and other complaints like fever number one is oxygenation level and given medications because of oxygen levels that were dropping. Ninety four percent theyve been above that now for two days from what we understand. It would be reasonable to consider discharging him by the way they may have scanned his lungs. You dont usually do it here that helps us look for evidence and infection in lungs that are arent manifest from the outside. You cant tell from looking at oxygen levels, but
many people with Covid have areas of the lungs that are inflamed and if you didnt have a lot of those, it would be additional evidence that its safe to go back home Steve. We have been hearing about new drug, that is, people have not heard about so far during the coronavirus pandemic. One of them was regeneron, which apparently they gave the president early on, and then we heard that hes also being treated with some sort of a super steroid called dexamethasone, which I read some comments by other doctors, who said you know you only give that to the really sick people. Dr Oz. Well, dexamethasone is recommended now by the NIH by the World Health Organization. It is given and recommended if patients need oxygen and the president did need oxygen, usually given a little later in the course. But I sent you an animation. If you send it, it can be helpful.
The virus seeing virus particles proteins. They are looking for areas and going to the presidents nose a couple of days he tested positive down to throats and into the lungs and throats and into the lungs and set up shop and begin irritation. They relieve lots of virus which is exploding through here thats the problem that by itself doesnt hurt people as badly as what happens afterwards, when the virus is creating lots of area the immune system, white cells come in and attack and they start to fill up the lung and especially the Alviola Purple, little sacks with fluid, and if you wait too long, you have lots of damage to the lung and what dexamethasone is stops it to its track. Dexamethasone is a have you a
very powerful one and it has been remarkable game changer in the treatment of Covid 19. In fact, one big takeaway message from the presidents treatment and ive got the head of regeneron coming on the show. We have a lot of solutions. None of them are curious. Coupled together we reduced mortality rate of the horrible virus and thats good NEWS for everybody Ainsley. What did you think when you saw the president coming out and seeing the people he was inside the cars Windows Roland up and everybody had a mask on. We dont know if the secret service had been pokes ed before or if they had covid or there was a partition in between front seat and backseat. What did you think they said? Appropriate precautions were taken. Dr Oz, ive heard everything that youve said and ive spoken to physicians. Some of us dont understand. We wouldnt have done that for a patient under our care because coming patient in Icu or hospital bed, where theres air being taken out of the room and
youre able to keep social distancing but theres many factors. As you point out Brian right, we will see how that goes. The other thing is, could you tell us about the decision that went into that Nonfda the Nonfda approved drug Regeneron, that is for compassionate use, the decision to use that in days what went into that? What were they hoping for, Dr Oz? What regeneron does that and theres also plasma which we talked about in the show fluid for people that are suffering regeneron made a modern version they picked a few antibodies specifically targeted against covid. Here is the game plan. You want to go in there and knock out the virus. Thats overwhelming you so that your immune system can catch up. If youre going to use it, you should use it early, which is what they did. Interestingly, there was a study
in the past week with regeneron showing benefit when used in that setting, not enough data to approve it for the FDA, but enough that the physician taking care of the President thought it was reasonable to try with him, buys him time. So his immune system can catch up. If thats, not enough by itself, you can then give remdesivir and prevents the virus from replicating in the cell. You can block it from getting into your cells and stop. It are reproducing in your cells and if its reproducing and Causingen Flammation, you can knock it with dexamethasone those are belt and suspenders tackling the virus at every level where it can hurt us. Tactics like that are how we are managing Covid 19 in the country we dont have access to regeneron yet, but the family of medications will gain acceptance. Medications will gain acceptance and, in the meantime, Convalesence plasma a big pioneer in it. It
really does seem to matter, which is why its been around for decades Steve, we dont know whether or not the president will be released today and the presumption is that he will go to the White House. The worry is that he would be doing too much and might get exhausted and relapse or get worse again, but going forward for the next period of time isnt. The key just rest, Dr Oz, you know im a big advocate for sleep. As I know you are it matters its one of the challenges the White House are having to giving body time to recover. The key window is five to ten days. Theres always a chance, and the medical staff taking care of the president is acutely aware of this, that he could still have a relapse, and we want to prevent that and the second reality I might show today a test medical doctor. They are all saying the same thing. You have all the capability in the White House that you have at
Walter Reed, so theyll be able to care for the president. That might not be true for the average person discharged from the hospital, its not like hes just going home hes going to the White House, Steve Great, show Brian four G, great guest, that I we just stumbled into. You did give us animation.
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