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Dr. Oz on the race for a COVID-19 vaccine

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Pfizer CEO says vaccine data could be available by October; 'The Dr. Oz Show' host Dr. Mehmet Oz weighs in.
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Following today, though, is the vaccine, the ceo of Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, making an optimistic announcement in the companys race for that covid vaccine? Take a listen, I dont know if I have to wait until two thousand and twenty one because, as I said, our status, we have a good chance that we will know if the product works by the end of October and then, of course it is regulators, job to issue license or not, Steve, okay. So that is promising news here. With reaction, the host of the Dr Oz show kicks off 12th season today, Dr Oz, good morning to you good morning to you, Steve, yeah, its good news, and you know we have the Covid 19 headquarters on the show this season. So I had the task force on the program just recorded. It youll see it this afternoon, testing on the show, but also Jerome Adams, the surge on general said by the end of October, its reasonable that we might have a vaccine data. We wont have the vaccine widely distributed, but id just be looking over the weekend at the data from China, where they
Vevery, given hundreds of thousands of people, their vaccine, so were going to start to see as soon as these trials prove they are beneficial a rapid deployment of these vaccines. Hopefully, before the end of this year, Steve and Astrazeneca announced after one patient who had a really bad reaction, they restart ed their trials as well. Dr Oz, let me ask you this lets say the virus vaccine is available. You look at the public opinion polls im shocked that a majority of Americans dont want to jackup their sleeve and get the shot. Can you explain why so many people are reluctant to get this vaccine? Well, there are different reasons. A lot of people say youre doing it at warp speed, which means you rushed it. It normally takes you five years. How could you do it in six months and how could that possibly be safe and its safe, because everyone broke every possible red tape, boundary thats, usually out there and just made sure we focused on whats important, which is putting a lot of people into a clinical trial but, for example, the african american community,
and were doing a big show on this tomorrow. The health disparities are large in this country, even independent of poverty and financial issues, theres the reality that African Americans dont trust the system and they are not represented in some of these clinical trials because they are not enrolling to get the vaccine, so they dont trust that its going to apply to them and other groups that feel strongly that they, the virus itself, is not that big of a deal ill just not deal with the vaccine consequences. Ive been pretty open about my sentiments on this vaccines. Save lives. Do they have side effects? Yes, are they out weighed by the benefits? The benefits are much greater in this particular situation, to get our nation completely back on its feet and do things like going to football games? So we can pack, stadiums well need a vaccine. Youve got many to choose from, but get informed on this topic. Brian ill. Definitely take it as soon as it passes the right protocols im in I want to talk about the hottest conversation in America right now, and its Bob Woodwards spoke with the President of the
United States expressed how it is serious this virus coming, but he played it down publicly like. If you hear about a bomb scare, you try to investigate it, but you dont necessarily tell the american public. Your house could blow up any moment so Scott Gotleib, often a critic of the administration, is also an allie of the administration. When it comes to insight and information. When he was asked about this, I think he shocked the entire staff of face the nation, because they wanted him to blame President Trump, but listen to what he said. The White House leadership was failed by health officials. We did not have a diagnostic in the field, so we couldnt screen for it. We should have. We should have started working on that in January and we over relied on a surveillance system that was built for flu and not for coronavirus without recognizing that it wasnt going to be as sensitive as detecting the coronavirus spread as it was for flu, because the two viruses spread very differently. Those were two critical failures. Now you could say well, the
president put those people in place, hes responsible. You know you could make second order arguments around that, but I think ultimately the White House did not have the information they need to make decisions Brian. They said the White House was situationally blind, Dr Oz and youre a man of medicine whose also noticing politics and to blame the president on this seems to be what everyones doing, but Dr Scott Gottleib could not jump in on that because he was there in January and February, meaning in constant contact. Well, the testing czar, whose on the show this afternoon, was very open in saying that there was a massive testing delay thats why he started on March twelve, because until then we had not done testing and Dr Gottleib said the same thing. How can you have a scenario where we know were prepared to fight against the virus, but you still need the data to drive the decisions and the fact that we did not have a testing system
that worked well. Is an embarrassment now moving past that there was also realities about this virus that surprised us. We did not appreciate the asymptomatic spread, be so important, thats, not true for the flu, which is normally how we prepare ourselves. We model the flu and copy it. So scientists didnt expect that we didnt appreciate aerosol spray, be so important. Didnt appreciate the role of masks so theres plenty of blame to go around and well look back in hindsight and im sure experts from the White House Task force came in. My show today believe that the things that should have been done got done in a manner that made sense but ill. Tell you ive interviewed lots of political leaders about Covid 19, almost all of them echo what Dr Gottleib said, which is they were flying blind. They didnt have the data to drive decisions that needed to be made Democrats and Republican S Jedediah. So doctor you have a new season of the Dr Oz Show, and that is premiering today, so tell viewers what they can expect from your show. This season, well were all in this together, so im bringing you facts. First youll have lots of insights from the leaders tomorrow. Im
doing a big show on some of these issues around health disparities and health care, because its very inefficient and costs lives and its stunning that we dont have better representation in some of these arenas. Im also getting, as you always know, some of the biggest experts in different areas coming on telling the truth about topics that are controversial. But America needs to hear about it and some of the topics folks havent really processed effectively because it gets so confusing in the way that its often delivered, but I think youll enjoy it and I got a safe environment in my studio, so im here at home. This is the revised version of what you saw me come to you with all year. Long during Covid 19, but we took studio, is open itself now, so its fun Steve ive got a question for you. When you do a home studio, can you write off your house for tax purposes? Brian good point very good point. I dont think so Steve I dont think so either. I spent a a lot of time here in this chair ill. Tell you tax
Brian. A lot of american broadcasters have a lot of write offs this year. Steve no kidding all right. Dr Oz, well be watching check your local listings for show.
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