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Dr. Qanta Ahmed on President Trump’s ongoing COVID-19 treatment

2020-10-06 | 🔗
NYU Langone pulmonologist Dr. Qanta Ahmed tells ‘Fox & Friends’ President Trump’s medical care has been ‘stellar.’
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Brian, all right Brian all right. President Trump is back at the White House this morning, where he will continue his treatment for Covid 19, but his doctors say hes not out of the woods yet here to react. Dr Qhanta Ahmed, a pulmonologist at Nyu Langone, you predicted the treatment as well as when he roughly would be out. Are you surprised? Seventy two hours and hes back at one thousand six hundred Pennsylvania Avenue im, not surprised, and I think, thats, a reflection of the outstanding care and very sensible treatment planning he has received and is still receiving going to. The White House does not mean discharging him from care. So no im not surprised Brian, its so nice to have this conversation with you today compared to when we spoke on Friday, when it was so worrying Brian who is Dr Conley. Yesterday we try to get patients home and out of the hospital as quickly as is safe and reasonable. Every day a patient stays in the hospital unnecessarily is a risk to themselves
and right now there is nothing thats being done upstairs here that we cant safely conduct down home Brian in the past. As you know, doctor he had supplemental oxygen on Friday. He had the steroid dexamethasone and regeneron antibody cocktail. They say so knowing those series of events. What continues now that hes back at the house of all those three things? Well, he will. The regeneron is a one time dose. So thats done the remdesivir dosing. I think the last dose is today that can be given intravenously at the White House. Dexamethasone is usually continued ten days, but it can be finished earlier and taken orally. We can be absolutely certain. His doctors will be watching his blood count, inflammatory status, crt kidney function, Hemoglobe Bin- all of that will be probably closely monitored and some form
of imaging of his lungs and how they are responding. This patient, the president, is so unusually highly monitored, so everything that he is doing in terms of their care is absolutely wreck. Nothing reckless did b it Brian, Dr Conley, the people throwing his criticism. His way that he is just answering to the commander in chief instead of his medical know how so they dont understand the role of a doctor. I have every confidence in Dr Conley and he has a very difficult task of being both the presidents advocate in terms of as his patient and also being responsible for the president. Getting the best possible summation of advice. Dr Conley would have a responsibility to inform the president. If you are not well enough, you need to stay and actually stand up for the president, and we often do that with our patients. Sometimes our patients defy us and say no im insisting on
leaving and they sign out against medical advice. The president would have had an ability to do that. No Dr Conically not be criticized. He has been very unfairly treated in the public eye, Brian, absolutely because his patient is the president. His stakes are much higher that he ensures its safe for the president to leave, so I think its opposite Brian Bine. We dont note presidents, lung. I did find out if he wanted the everyone to know his lung condition. He could release it. I understand that there is excessive. You know interested in the details of the presidents health. It is sufficient for us to see this president can walk into a helicopter. Come out of a helicopter. Go up the steps. Can he speak in full sentences? Is he seen very closely on camera? There are no signs respiratory distress, he hasnt coughed one time on camera. We have full confidence in not only Dr Conley, who is carefully selected and trained, and the
brilliant doctors, but the director of Icu at Hopkins. Is he one of the world authorities in Covid right now? We trust their judgment. American physicians are amongst the best trained in the world. This person, the president, is very important patient, as are allall of our patients. We need t, have confidence, I wouldnt hand it to the media hysteria of wanting every as sin of detail on the presidents health. Is he functioning well and thats sufficient for us Brian, Dr Ahmed? We are talking to somebody who has seen people die, go to the hospital die alone and does not have a problem of the presidents message of dont. Let it dominate you remember that was many months ago, and that was also before we couldld recognize the virus before regeneron before remdesivir, when people had had viral replication at home for a very long time. The story is entirely different. Six months into the pandemic and very different for the.
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