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Dr. Saphier on spikes in COVID cases in U.S.

2020-09-23 | 🔗
Dr. Nicole Saphier, Fox News medical contributor, joins 'Fox and Friends.'
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Steve a grim milestone. The coronavirus death toll has topped two hundred thousand in the United States, and some states are seeing a spike here with what you need to know: Fox NEWS, medical contributor and author of Make America healthy again, Dr Nicole Saphier, good morning to you good Morning, Steve Steve, so the states that are seeing a spike right now, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Arkansas. So we know that we also- and you were talking about this last week, we are seeing a number of spikes in areas around college towns, so whats going on well thats right Steve. As you know, I have a college aged student myself. These kids have all been home since about spring break and toward the end of August they started traveling back to colleges. This age group tends to congregate together. If you start looking at the new cases, particularly in the states that you just mentioned, the far
majority over fifty percent are eighteen to 24 year olds. That really tells us its being spread, particularly by that age group of the states that you just mentioned. The one that im watching pretty closely is Wisconsin, they have the highest rate increase right now, and their percent positives is quite high as well. One important point Steve that we have to acknowledge here is that these states are in their first wave. Wisconsin has not had a wave, yet they are on the incline. Remember we talked about those waves several months ago. They have been low. This is their first wave so its not a second wave, and you know its not something to cause panic over, but something to acknowledge that there is still high community transmission of this virus. But if you look at the places that had those first waves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, we are still less than five percent positivity rate. We have not hit our second wave, yet there are minor upticks here and there, but watching it carefully, Steve. Indeed, in the college news I saw this
morning that apparently Notre Dame has canceled their game. Wake forest this weekend, because seven Notre Dame players tested positive for coronavirus neon. While about a month ago, I went in, and I got the antibody test and I had to go over to Nyu and was I in the blood lab, and I had to wait for an hour and a half, and I said to the technician who took my blood, I said whats taking so long and she said so. Many people have put off cancer screenings, so they are now here it wasnt just for coronavirus, because if you take a certain blood test, they can figure out now, whether or not you have got cancer. First of all, the cancer screening, the cancer screening people putting off crucial issue near and dear to my heart being that im in cancer medicine and busier now than I ever have been. People are finally coming back in something we have been talking about for years now we have a couple of new FDA tests, are what we call blood biopsies its just another way to monitor
for certain cancers. You take someones blood and they check certain again net particular mutations and proteins from cancers. It can help us identify cancer in addition to imaging and healthy behaviors healthy living to help prevent cancer. This is all in the quest to lessen our burden of cancer in our society. Steve and you know when in doubt, going into the hospital is safe, because so many precautions are being taken right now. If you have got to get a blood test thats right Steve, I encourage everyone. Yes, Covid 19 is still out there, but so is cancer, so is heart disease, so are the other leading causes of death? We have take majeure, we are taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. Try live your healthiest life, make sure you are getting your cancer screenings and do what you can to keep your family and.
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