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Dr. Saphier: Russia's rushed COVID-19 vaccine is 'extremely concerning'

2020-08-11 | 🔗
Russia claims victory in the global race for a coronavirus vaccine; Dr. Nicole Saphier reacts to the development and the latest on reopening schools.
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Steve this is a Fox news, ALERT Steve. This is a Fox news, alert after just two months of very limit human testing, the country of Russia now claiming to the the first country in the world with the Covid 19 vaccine. Vladimir Putin, praising its affecting this even before final testing is complete, joining us right now to weigh in Fox NEWS, medical contributor and author of Make America healthy again, Dr Nicole Saphier, good morning to you good Morning, Steve. So a lot of people are going. Oh good, the first vaccine, but at the same time you know they say theyre going to vaccinate teachers and frontline healthcare workers this month, but it doesnt sound like theyve tested it much. They say, theyve tested it on fifty members of the military. The scientists who worked on it and a couple of volunteers is that something you would want shot in your arm well Steve its interesting, because Putin said that this is going to provide lasting immunity for up to two years, but I dont really understand how they can
guarantee such lasting immunity when the first cases in Russia on January thirty, one as you mentioned, has only been given to seventy six humans since MID June, we already have a study out of U Cla, telling us those antibodies that the vaccine can produce, may only last three months, so im Extreme LY, hesitant and curious as to how we can guarantee this two years of immunity. Bottom line, Steve ive, never heard of cutting safety measures as a means to producing anything of quality, and the reason that this is extremely concerning to me right now. Steve is because it potentially creates a false sense of security, and it can also undermine trust in the vaccinations. Theres a reason we have these phases. Phase iii trials, which we have several in, confirms and expands the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. They are crucial and Steve. Only zero percent of vaccines that make it to phase III will actually be used in the general population and Russia. They are saying that theyre going to start giving the vaccine to the high risk
population, healthcare, workers and vulnerable while they are undergoing phase iii, but when only a quarter of them prove that it works and its safe. Is that really a smart idea? Steve Steve great point? But you know its a point of national pride. The whole world is trying to be the first and now Russia says we win, but the effectiveness is the big question now theres a survey that came out that I was listening to here in New York City this morning. Seventy five percent of New York parents want their children to go to in person school in the coming year, which means about twenty five. A quarter of them want to keep them at home for online learning. If you as a parent, have a choice between sending your child to school in person or keeping them at home. What are the concerns? We need to be worried about because we heard so many things about whether or not the children are at risk, which, of course they are well Steve. Being a parent is terrifying you can attest to that. As can I and im facing this decision
with my three children coming in the next few weeks, the American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a very alarming report. This week saying theres a forty percent increase in pediatric cases. Now I urge caution to people before they get very concerned with that shocking headline, because we dont know a lot of information about that report. Steve. Why were these children being tested? Are we testing more children now because theyre going back to school and they require that negative test? Are we really identifying clinic ally, significant cases, or are we just identifying truly how widespread this virus is and how perhaps significantly more asymptomatic cases amongst children? We dont know a lot about covid in children and thats, largely because theyve been sheltered at home. What we do know is the negative impact of keeping children at home with the distance learning and the social isolation. We see depression, anxiety, increased suicides and domestic violence is very terrible but Steve going forward. We know
that less than ten years of age likely has less transmission, but children can get very sick from Covid, so we want to protect them. Just like we do from the flu and strep throat moving forward. We need to keep transmission down in the community to get these children back to school. Steve a lot for a participant.
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