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Dr. Saphier's three questions for Biden's call for national mask mandate

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier says Joe Biden needs to provide more details when he says masks should be worn outdoors at all times.
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Confirmed whether the Clinton is being considered for any roles Brian, she will would not surprise me calling for a national mask mandate. No matter where you live, every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing the estimates by the experts. Are it will save over forty thousand lives in the next three months, Brian, who are their experts, and why are we here and what questions would have you asked had the former vice president opened up the questions Fox NEWS contributor, Dr Nicole Saphier, joins us now with her take doctor, I was just wondering what you thought about a presidential candidate coming out pretending he was president and telling us what to do. Do you think that would work? Well, Brian, you know its a good conversation to have regarding universal mask mandate. Right now, unequivocally people should be wear masks indoors outside of their homes. Unless they have respiratory issues,
there is not a reason not to wear a mask while indoors public spaces, Joe Biden. He said people outdoors should be wearing masks for the next three months and he really left a lot of room for questions there, but he didnt take any questions. So my first question to him is whats the science by that recommendation. In the last I saw the transmission level for this virus is significantly less outdoors when you are not able to socially distance right now. The current recommendations, Brian, are that you wear a mask when you are unable to socially distance, not just at all times so again. If you are able to socially distance, why do you have to be wearing a mask because you are not catching it just from out in the breeze? My second question goes and by the way, its convenient to make these statements when you dont have long term consequences. My second question is, if you are saying everyone outside Joe, has to be wearing a mask. Where does that leave outside dining, because, as far as I know there, Israel yet to be any reported outbreaks from restaurants, doing
outdoor dining and they are taking the proper precautions to keep everybody safe, so were going to again shut down these restaurants close these businesses and people are going to lose their jobs. Again, I mean again its convenient to say that, but thats not convenient for the american people. Lastly, Brian again he made this blanket statement, but what are the metrics? He is going to be following. He said three months minimum. He would want this outdoor mask mandate, whats the science guiding that what is he going to be looking at new cases pose 50s? Is it going to be presumed positive, confirmed positives, unfortunately, its really hard to tell he just didnt, give us enough details- and you have to be prudent in this, because this is a very politicized conversation to have and its unfortunate that he would just come out and say this and not give us the details. Again. We have the federal recommendations in place right now, socially distanced, and if you cant do it wear a mask its up to individual responsibility. You should be wearing a mask, just as a token to your fellow
Americans showing that you are respecting their space. Brian okay. I also know if you are worried about outdoor dining. The lack of indoor dining has destroyed every restaurant in the number one city in America, even though our numbers are through the floor under one percent that doesnt seem to bother anyone. I guess who is running for office. There is some other gain. I think is important to go over. I read about this morning about this nasal spray. What can you tell us? Well, I want to go real quick to the indoor dining. I am dying to go back to indoor dining Brian. There have been reported outbreaks, so we have to again continue to brainstorm how to keep indoor dining safe, the arrow nab, this nasal spray they are talking about. They have discovered what they call nano bodies. Nano bodies are produced in other animals, Lamb, mass camels. We have known about them for years; essentially they are combining
them and in the nasal spray form theyre actually blocking that spike protein from incorporating into your cells. They are thinking it may a way to prevent Covid 19. Its still only in lab form would have to do some animal and human testing. They are hopeful that, maybe in the next few months, maybe that it might be available buff, they said if and when its available, it will be not very expensive and it will be available over the counter, which is important. Brian all right, Dr Nicole.
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