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Dr. Siegel gives an inside look at COVID-19 vaccine rollout in NY hospital

2020-12-15 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel says a coronavirus vaccine needs to reach ‘as many people as possible.’
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What are your thoughts about? What are your thoughts about this vaccine going in? I really didnt have any concerns here at Nyu. We have within informed about all the studies and what has been going on with the trials, so I felt very confident going in and really excited Steve. She just got the shot yesterday. The first round of covid vaccinations have been administered, including in Nyu Langone in New York City, where Dr Siegel got a first hand, look at the rollout and he joins us live Dr Siegel. It was historic. People have been waiting for this. Absolutely there was a buzz in the room. There was a big excitement in the room Steve. We got to sign the Dard Board vaccine Center next to the sign that says testing center, and I thought that cardboard would never be there not this quickly. It was soaks sighting. Tara. Easter, who you just saw, is the nurse comger of our medical icu. She also surprised me, I said: how are you feeling great? Are you taking tomorrow off meaning today? She said: no, are you worried about the
symptoms or side effects? We have been focusing so much on those potential side effects. Maybe we are doing a disservice. She says im not worried about them. If I have to, I will take a tylenol, its an honor. She said to be the first to get this vaccine Steve thats good, to know. I know in addition to you being in attendance, the chief medical officer at Nyu, Langone was there here. He is talking about the hope that this vaccine is bringing to the world. We were very much at the pertinent during Theepicenter DU. We watched as our hospitals filled with patients. Now imagine coming to a day when there is new hope there is hope, because finally, we can see that something can help protect against this particular virus. Steve that particular interview was conducted by Dr Siegel yesterday. There are so many people
optimistic about it and Axios just published a poll that shows that the people who were interested in it doctor in September, as opposed to now the number is in some cases doubling in some of the demographics. So that is good news now that its a reality, people are thinking about actually rolling up. You are their sleeves. You are not just protecting yourself, but other people. I also interviewed Dr Luis Angel, who is the head of lung transplant. He pointed out to me, since this virus effects he was the second personal to get the shot at Nyu. Yesterday Steve, he said: look the virus effects the lungs. If I transplant somebody- and I inadvertently have covid- I could spread it to them, and fresh new lungs put in are already jeopardized thats how we have to think about it, get it to as many people as possible. We werent expecting ninety five percent effectiveness. People I saw yesterday said I cant wait to get the second shot
three weeks from now, no glitches im going to go right ahead, starting to spread a buzz and thats what healthcare workers need to do here Steve. We know operation warp, speed, helped get us to this point, but just watching the mobilization of some parts of the american pharmaceutical industry, because its not just the government, have you got wall, Greens and cvs? Fedex? U DOT, PS the companies that make the swabs and the masks and all that stuff and the dry ice, and it all had to be there at your hospitals. At the same time yesterday and Steve you left out one thing which I know you are going to agree with me on. How did I know that the trucks were going to roll? How did I know that they were going to get there at 1100, a dot m? Do you know how I knew the United States military was involved too, and they are precise and on time and they made it work. Steve exit question anxiously asked about a moment ago. If you have had Covid 19, do you still need to get the vaccine thats an excellent question? Ainsley? The answer is probably yes,
but you wont be right at the front. We will try to figure out how immune you are. If you have had covid. Yes, you are likely to need that vaccine as well. We will try to give it across the board Steve all right. Of course, a lot of people are waiting, so the sooner the better Dr Marc Siegel. Thank you for.
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