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Dr. Siegel reveals what Trump's doctor told him regarding president's treatment

2020-10-05 | 🔗
Fox News Medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel tells 'Fox & Friends' that the president is 'still on track for discharge' from the hospital on Monday after speaking to his doctor.
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Steve First alert Steve First alert: did you see this yesterday afternoon, President Trump and his motorcade made a brief appearance in front of supporters after his medical team apparently gave this update on the presidents health? He has remained without fever since Friday morning, his vital signs are stable, as he continues to look and feel as well as he does today. Our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow, Steve as early as tomorrow. So what will that look like lets? Talk to Fox NEWS, medical contributor and author of the upcoming book, Covid, the politics of fear and the power of science, Dr Marc Siegel, who joins us today? I believe you are in Seattle. I believe you are in Seattle. I see a space needle behind you last night. You talked to the presidents doctor, and what can you tell us I heard from Dr Conley last night, and he said he is still on
track for discharge today today, and he emphasized they have all the equipment thee they had at. The White House in the president continues to do well in terms notify fever, no oxygen needs and looking stable. This is a clinical gestalt, its not just numbers. I have been doing this thirty years. I look at the patient. How do they sound and are they comfortable and make the decision with the White House as a backup thats a huge advantage that they have? I also question about the issues of what tests were done and I have heard from sources that he had ultrasounds of the heart that he had a cat scan of the lungs and what what im understanding? All of that looked good thats. Another thing that bodes well for his recovery Steve were heard. This remdesivir is a five day treatment. He would be three days in by now. He has two more left, I believe its intravenous. Not like a pill. You pop.
We also heard he took a steroid called and I think its pronounced dexamethasone, which is typically not used in people who have mild or moderate cases its usually used with people who have it pretty bad. So when people have heard that steroid was being used, maybe is he not in such good health? After all, well Steve you pronounced that drug exactly right and the studies came out on New England Journal of Medicine and elsewhere shows a big advantage of survival. As you said, people who have moderate or severe covid affecting the lungs, I think in his case I dont have inside information of this. They want to be ahead of the curve thats why they gave him Ren General RON to block the virus, gave him remdesivir quickly and early thats. Why, when his oxygen level dropped reportedly on Friday, they probably responded with the steroid here in advance of having that cat scan to look at the lungs. The respect that he has
responded so well and not on oxygen now is extremely positive and makes me think that he is not currently in any kind of a severe problem with it in terms of his lungs. Are they going to stop the dexamethasone when he leaves the hospital or continue it for a few more days? We dont know that either remdesivir the antiviral. You are right. They shoot for a five day course. Today would probably be day four. They could give him a day more at the White House. I dont think that would be a problem. Steve Dr Marc Siegel, joining with us exclusive details of conversation with the doctor.
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