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EPA approves first antiviral product for COVID-19

2020-09-08 | 🔗
What does this product mean for businesses and schools? University of Arizona professor of microbiology Dr. Charles Gerba, Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel, and former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston react.
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Brian first and only antiviral surface clean tore, help stop the spread of Covid 19, now approved by the FDA. Two liners will be the first to use surface wise, two, a disinfectant which creates a barrier on surfaces and breaks down the virus for several days here to discuss this potential benefits is professor of Micro, biology and immunology at the University of Arizona, Dr Charles Gerber, with here Fox NEWS contributor, Dr Marc Siegel, has been looking at this for US former NFL fullback for the Dallas Cowboys and NFL analyst Darrell Johnson graduated Syracuse, first of all, Darrell im used to talking football with you. What sold you on this product? The big thing is, I met the COE three years ago on the first generation product and trying to get it into the athletic space for Staph and MRSA, and some of the bacteria problems that happened with athletes after the Xfl had to close down business
because of the pandemic I reached out, because I knew they were going down this path and excited what they were doing. He invited me out and showed me second generation product and everything it was capable of doing. I just wanted to be a part of this team because I knew the sports leagues were going to have to close down and they would need to start up. My challenge has been through this whole process to getting this in front of the NFL Major League, baseball, the NBA and NHL and MLS making sure their athletes were safe and push it down to the collegiate and even to high school football. I always believed the return to sports that was going to be one of the big things help us get back to normal in our country, Brian, in Laymans terms, because im the ultimate layman in this you are saying, if im in a locker room or if I am on an airline, I spray it once I could have that plane fill up two or three times within a week or twenty five times within a week, and I dont have to spray it down again: yeah thats, correct, in fact its really been tested both in the real world and in the laboratory.
We actually wear test this. We try to wear it down and this really holds up for a long time, at least in our studies. You know up to Ningtsd days, its still very effective Brian. This is game changing, which is why we asked Dr Siegel to look at it. You have been talking to DOW Johnson too on this for about a month now, Dr Siegel, what do you think? I think its a very impressive Brian I want to you understand this is not instead of regular cleaning but its the idea of putting on a surface. That is something that gives you a baseline grection one study they did last April. One of the major infectious disease shows thirty percent reduction in hospital infections. Using this and again, you lay this on, and then on top of that you do your daily cleanings. You are not going to replace it think of a football locker room, for example. If you think that doing the daily cleaning matters the next day, they are there with more sweat. So this provides a baseline protection
and I think its very effective Sars Cov two virus very easily killed. It has a coat on it, thats easy to kill it. This is a very good edition. Brian. Can I get it to that small school to that small community that doesnt have much money? Can I get it into a major private college? Is there any way for this to be ready if its proved effective and the EPA is sold on it? Is there any way to get it to everybody thats what we are hoping Brian? We are working with the side by side to get a section three waiver to roll this out nationwide, as we continue to press the length of the residual protection. We just had a great conservation with a small school down here in Texas, defending three: a division state champions at Gunner High school, and they only had two cases, so they really werent worried about the virus when we told them that they could return to Precovid 19 cleaning protocols, their head coach looked us straight in the
eye, so you are saying my coaches can coach and teachers can teach they dont have to be janitors anymore. Time element another huge component as we get down into the smaller schools and colleges Brian, I told new, my town, they are walking around with plexiglass and today is the first day of school. I mean you are saying that the American Airlines sold on this to the point where they can take some additional precautions, but they could feel there is a foundation there. Yes, I think this really adds the additional barrier we always wanted, because we know surfaces get recontaminated all the time. I think that that way, its a break through as we have an anti viral product in particular that can be put on a surface and cover those times when the surfaces get recontaminated Brian. So, Dr Siegel, what would be your question that you have right now? If you had a health club or you were principal of a school to make, you feel better to tell the kids to come back and maybe think
this thing is going to be clean for a week clean at least a week at a time whats your question. Well, so Brian, I love that it does common surfaces and areas of high volume like planes and like schools. I want to know that my kids dont get irritated or dont get allergies from this. I would want to know from Dr Gerber that they tolerate it and doesnt cause any watering or anything like that. Brian, your answer, Dr Gerber yeah, thats a good question. The EPA requires that type of testing thats been done, its not a skin sin advertiser. One of the ratings EPA gives, for disinfectant Brian the free market doing its work while going through the scientific steps. Darryl Johnson, okay, no eye black on you, dont have to wear a chin strap, but I think you are making thank you for this work. Dr Siegel, thanks for your.
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