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Eric Trump: Democrats’ policies are ‘crazy and will destroy this country’

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Trump Organization Executive Vice president, Eric Trump, weighs in on Joe Biden’s push to the left on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Retire better, I think what is funny is that bidens platform is far more liberal than Barack Obamas was years ago, and so, when we looked at that as an editorial board, we were kind of blown away at how much more similar it is to Bernie Sanders platform in some ways than Barack Obama. In two thousand and eight Brian, we just dont know we know its written. We know who speaks, but we dont know what Joe Biden is actually going to do. Lets bring Eric Trump executive vice president of the Trump organization. Let me bring it up to you Eric you probably took in, and we lived through what President Obama wanted to do. What about this Eric? Well Brian, I mean you literally. Have a party thats literally, have a party thats, calling law enforcement gestapo
and a party that wants socialized medicine. You have Biden that wants to increase taxes by four dollars trillion. Eighty two percent to people pretty much. Anybody that pay taxes would have taxes skyrocket. Where do you want me to stop? They want to get rid of your first amendment. They want to get rid of your second amendment. This is not the party of J Dot fk. This is not the Party of Bill Clinton. You see them last night on the screen, you see AOC. These people are crazy. Some of their policies are crazy and would literally destroy this country, Steve Eric im sure youve been watching. You know. The reviews have been that the virtual conventions are that the virtual conventions are flat in come, come and how are the Republicans starting next Saturday night first night?
What are you going to do? Youre from a family of tv producers? What will you do to get people to watch Eric a couple of things? We are not going to be smugged, which the other side is. You watch some of the interviews you watch some of the interviews and the anger that radiates some of the people. Joe Biden created one job, its called hunter. He stole money from China and took lots of money and enriched himself at the behest of american people other than that these are career politicians and have been in Washington their entire adult life. Youve never had a single person, thats spoken to far that has created a single job, exact, opposite look at OC, cost New York state. Twenty five thousand jobs. Amazon was supposed to come in here and bring billions of dollars in investment. She scared them out of New York state. These are washed up career
politicians that have been around forever when you have literally Republicans or Republicans in the 1980s speaking, you know and theyre your keynote give me a break. These people are phoney. These people are totally part of the swamp. You no real people. There youve got no real people who have ever created jobs or created manufacturing or have done anything outside of the beltway, and I dont think thats what America is interested in and, quite frankly, I think thats why theyve fallen on their face and ratings are so bad. I mean its tough to watch its pretty its pretty boring. We do its going to be great, I think youre going to see. I think you will see a lot more action, but beyond that, I think you will see a lot more diversity of thought and people and people that arent from Washington D, DOT c and people who havent been in government for forty seven years, entire adult life and people who have actually accomplished something outside of that city, and I think you will see a big difference. Ainsley Sally Yates was one of
the speakers last night who served under the Obama administration and testified recently in front of Congress, saying that she didnt remember if it was Biden or she didnt remember, if Biden or Obama had any influence on the Michael Flynn Investigation, she was speaking last night worried about the future of our country. Listen to this speaking at a political convention is something I never expected to be doing, but the future of our democracy is at stake. From the moment President Trump took office. Hes used his position to benefit himself rather than our country, hes, trampled the rule of law, trying to weponized our Justice Department to attack his enemies and protect his friends. We need a president who respects our laws and the privilege of public service. We need a president who will restore the soul of America. We need Joe Biden Ainsley. What do you say about that? When you hear comments about your dad that hes only benefiting himself and hes protecting his friends,
Eric Ainsley Sally Yates, should be in jail, what she did to my father and what they did to my he fired her Eric. The irony of that is incredible. You know what the greater irony is when Bill Clinton is talk about the sanctity of the oval office, theres, no one that sacrificed for political office than my father. He was tired and sick of seeing losers. Bad trade deals one hundred and fifty dollars billion to IRAN. You know signing NAFTA worst trade deal ever costing the country, tens of millions of jobs literally losing all manufacturing losing our economy. I mean I heard Robert Wolf before what a joke that whole thing was under Obama Biden. Our gdp was growing at zero point: nine percent. It was an absolute joke. N, the eight years of Obama Biden, the DOW went up by four thousand points: n, the three and a half years of my daughter. The out DOW, has gone up by
twelve thousand points. I dont want to hear it from these people and no one that has ever sacrificed more than he has. You know personally professionally, financially, look at all of these people. They are living in beautiful houses on the water, Wilmington, Delaware and theyve been public servant, their entire lives. They only sought to enrich their families. You see Hunter Biden taking one dollar and fifty cents billion out of China getting six hundred thousand dollars a year, working with little oil and gas company in Ukraine, and I mean come on guys. The hypocrisy is incredible Brian. He took the train and brought his own lunch and he end up with a mansion and compound Eric. I guess he got a mansion.
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