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Eric Trump praises 'incredible' speakers at RNC

2020-08-27 | 🔗
Eric Trump weighs in on success of RNC for the Trump campaign, looks ahead to his father's speech on the final night of the convention.
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Ainsley, okay, Kristin. Thank you so much Steve over to you Steve all right. Eric Trump joins us right now on what we can expect tonight. We are being told by your handler. That is you have three minutes, so we will make this fast. I have noticed after watching last week, and this week I dont miss the applause. The show goes faster, Eric yeah, im, actually kind of with you. If you member two thousand and sixteen we were in the stage youre speaking to thirty thousand people in the audience and its like a rock concert, youre speaking to somebody in their home theyre sitting in the coach and youre talking to their families, its actually in certain ways, whats, more elegant and much nicer way to communicate, and the tone of the speeches have been incredible. The people who have been given the speeches are incredible. If you look at Dnc, every single person was career, politician, Nancy Pelosi, Et Cetera, Et Cetera. They had been in Washington for forty years. Look at the people who are speaking at our convention. I
mean these are real Americans who sign checks and made a difference. Im, proud of what weve put on and awesome job its night and day production quality speakers its night and day versus the Dnc. Honestly, we blew them out of the water. We really did Steve what about fundraising because they made a lot of money last week, Eric yeah they did. They have big donors on that side, and we have a lot of people in our numbers of small dollars are substantially higher than theirs and they go to Hollywood. A couple of people a lot of people, stroke them checks. I spoke about it in my speech where they call most of the country flyover states and they ignore it and dont go to it. Biden hasnt been to Wisconsin in one hundred and seventy days. Think of that they are ignoring most of America and they think that LA and New York can pull them across the line
and they are going to make the same mistake that Hillary did in two thousand and sixteen Steve your Father, who is a reality, show producer and host as well, obviously had a big hand in the Rnc production. How does he feel it has gone? So far, and does he have like one favorite moment so far Eric, I would say I was with him yesterday and this whole week was absolute home run even CNN and MSNBC are saying that our production quality and speakers are better than the Dnc. I think this is a clear victory. You know he called me about thirty seconds after I got off stage and he couldnt be more proud of the family and couldnt be more proud of everybody and honestly he will hit it out of the park tonight. Nights like tonight is when my father does best when you look at state of the unions, hes blown them out of the park and a lot of things to be proud of, and done great job for the nation and the Democrats dont. The Democrats stand for total lack of law and order, defunding
police four dollars trillion in extra taxes, Joe Biden is nowhere to be found. Kamala Harris has called our law enforcement officers KKK and Gestapo and all they can talk about, is Covid Covid and how Trump is a bad man, and my father talked about the greatest military in the world and the greatest economy in the world: stopping illegal immigration, preserving God in the country, preserving freedom of speech and preserving second amendment, and so much more and hes got hes done more for the nation in the last three and a half years than arguably any president in history and again hes made me as a son incredibly proud, and we love him and we are going to fight like hell and get another four years, because the nation deserves it. Steve well, tonight is the big finale and folks can see it on Fox and next stop the debates.
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