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Erin Perrine on efforts to ensure election integrity: ‘This is still very much ongoing’

2020-11-17 | 🔗
The Trump 2020 press communications director says the campaign is continuing to look into voting issues and moving forward on lawsuits.
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You can now get Eargo at no cost to you Steve. Well, this morning, weve been telling you about Georgias hand recount reportedly found about two thousand six hundred uncounted ballots election officials say humor record. So what does human error lets talk to Trump campaign? Press communications, director, Erin Perrine everyone good morning, good morning, Steve okay, so they found apparently down in Floyd County Georgia. They realized that somebody did not upload from the memory card or memory stick something like two thousand six hundred votes. They say its human error. Does that change anything for the Trump camp? Well, this continues to prove what weve been saying all along that each step we take to protect election integrity, this hand, recount in Georgia, where all of a sudden they have found two thousand six hundred additional votes. Thats two thousand six hundred Georgians, who almost didnt have their voice heard in the
presidential election. This is another step toward us being able to make sure that this is a free and fair election that we can trust the results, and, while some members of the mainstream media and Democrats want to say this is done and over with not only did we find those two thousand six hundred votes in Georgia. There were eight thousand additional new votes counted in Pennsylvania yesterday. This is still very much ongoing and, on behalf of President Trump and the campaign, millions of Americans who voted for him, we want to make sure we get this right. Steve right. I saw that the president tweeted out that there was a big victory in Charkh County in Nevada because Clark County in Nevada, because a county commission seat for District C. They were ten votes apart and there were some discrepancies, so they decided to look at the options about perhaps rerunning it. The president says thats a big victory. How does that impact the presidential race? The way we read it? President Trump is still trailing by thirty three thousand in Nevada, whereas this particular case applies to these
ten votes in that one race. Well, there were one hundred and fifty three thousand votes cast in that one race there in Nevada, and what we saw opens up the questions that we have been asking. If there are instances of fraud, if there are discrepancies, if there are irregularities, we should be looking into those the fact that there are one hundred and thirty nine instances of irregular fews in this one case should worry E. The american people, people voting twice. That should worry the american people. We want to make sure we get this right, because its so important that we know every vote is counted and counted appropriately are. This is just one instance, and it opens the question for how many more how many more people voted twice in Nevada. We know in the primary in Clark County two hundred and sixty thousand ballots were mailed out that couldnt be received. There are a lot of questions in Nevada about that huge mass mail in voting system. They tried to implement in the middle of the night, and the discrepancies were seeing now Steve right. You know we heard early that theres a possibility that the presidents team was going to
call for a recount in the state of Wisconsin. I think youve got until tomorrow to figure out whether or not youre going to do it. If you ask for it its going to cost the campaign, eight dollars million, what are you going to do? I certainly dont have anything to announce on that front. At this point, the campaign is continuing to look into irregularities and voting issues in Wisconsin. The badger state is one that came for the president in twenty sixteen, we felt very good about our ground game and the presidents message there were going to continue to make sure we look at every issue in Wisconsin. Well have a decision coming in the next. You know few days here, Steve, okay, final question: you know weve heard some of the presidents supporters talk about, you know were going to file more things, youll see more evidence. A lot of people would like to see more evidence. When are we going to see more evidence? Well, thats part of what our pursuit is at this point is we are looking into the thirty one thousand
claims eleven thousand claims we received here on the campaign weaver working with the counties and the were working with the counties and the state to look into things like the dominion voting machines like the fact we did not receive call protection and access to watching the votes be counted in Pennsylvania and Michigan. We are trying to receive as much information as we can to make sure any discrepancy. We see that we can get a firm, definitive answer on what who the winner should be Americans care about the outcome, just as much as the validity of that outcome as Joe Bidens supporters do theres no silver bullet here its going to take a little bit of time, but were going to make sure we can trust the outcome of this election.
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