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Evangelist Alveda King on Georgia Senate runoffs: ‘We have to vote’

2020-12-06 | 🔗
Evangelist Alveda King encourages Georgians to vote for ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ during Senate runoffs.
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Will over to you will thanks PETE President Trump rallying Georgia voters on the importance of their vote when it comes to faith and religious values, President Trump, we will live by the words of our national motto. In God we trust cheers and applause from Atlanta to Augusta, from Savannah, to Columbus and from Athens to right. Here we are going to continue our mission to save America. We will defend the right to life. Religious liberty will here with more what is at stake in Georgia and the Evangelical Vote Fox NEWS contributor niece of Dr Martin Luther King alveda king good morning. Hi will hi everybody good morning. Will there is a lot of questions about the state of the race in Georgia, the enthusiasm alveda. You know a lot about that state. Last night, President Trump was there rallying support for Senator Lever and Perdue. What is the state of the race in Georgia?
How do people feel on the ground? I live in at hand at that Georgia. People are very encouraged. It is confusing with the voter fraud Covid scare, so many things happening yet it is Christmastime. So, as an evangelical christian, I have worked very hard throughout the whole election shy Kel, something people to vote for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. President Trump is correct. People actually need to vote, so some people say well. I will protest. I wont vote that doesnt make sense. We have to vote when ever we can for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So well have early voting again here for this election im. Urging people to do do that safe vote axe send tee ballot. If necessary, it will be very important to vote. Will alveda. Do you get? The sense is coming through your diagnosis. Absolutely
correct! Not only questions about the integrity of system of Georgia. You point out the time of year as well. Is that message for evangelicals getting through to Georgia? The message is getting through were having prayer meetings, peaceful protests, concerts, safe covid, restricted safely. All of that, so the message is getting out, but please vote. That is just the urgency of this and vote for those life. Liberty, pursuit of happiness, pro life candidates, thats urgent. Will I want to ask you this? I only have a little it about time. Alveda youre the perfect person to address this senator loefflers opponent, Rafael Warnock, said you cant serve God and the military at same time. He made that statement on video. You can see it yourself make the response from Rafael Warnock. He said by John Lewiss Stripes, we are healed. Abortions does not conflict with his theology.
That type of radical thinking is just not helpful. Please people vote for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Will there is a lot on the line. Obviously, in Georgia.
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