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Fake Chinese social media accounts target Trump with English-language videos

2020-08-14 | 🔗
A network of fake Chinese social media accounts have been posting videos bashing President Trump on the China consulate closure in Houston, his handling of COVID-19, and threats to ban TikTok.
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Network of fake chinese network of fake chinese accounts damage the chances by flooding, twitter and Facebook and Youtube with english language videos. Just like that. One right there look at that, its a fake one. They are criticizing the president and his administration in these videos, Kurt the Cyberguy is here to explain: hey Kurt Good, to see you Ainsley good, to see you this morning, the Trump campaign with a new digital enemy online. This spam Afallujah campaign going on picked up by a report going on picked up by a report from gratify. Can a research firm from gratify? Can a research firm putting out one a day, hasnt picking up eye on this one and unusual that it is really
kind of ease, were to spot American and see this stuff anxiously its like come on. One thing is the video looks legit, but you start looking closer at some of the graphics that are on the video and whatnot. They do not have a real good grasp of the english language. You will see common spelling errors and then it uses oftentimes an automated voice, so it would be instead of the soulful from the heart and brain voice of Ainsley. It might be automated Ainsley saying it was president Trump who got out of the car Ainsley that weird voice. Can you sort of tell when you are watching those and theyre all over the place and Youtube Ainsley bad light, all meant to be unflattering for the president and so anything they can do? They have targeted so far the closing of the Houston Consulate for China.
They have also targeted the response to Covid 19, among other things, Youtube already, removing one thousand three hundred so far, Ainsley thats. What I was going to ask you what about Facebook Twitter? You know they have lumped it in the response. They lump it into the idea that they have already removed over seven million fake accounts and fake posts. So we dont have a specific number from them, but they are on it. They are tracking these things.
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