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Family friend describes Judge Barrett as inspiration

2020-09-27 | 🔗
Maggie Garnett, family friend of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah President Trump officially nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court yesterday and given the attack on Judge Barretts faith, our next guest, who has known, Judge Barrett all of her life, is speaking out in a new op ed for Foxnews dot com. She writes as a lifelong friend and meant to are judge. Barrett continues to demonstrate to me one can live their faith and defend their country. Maggie Garnett joins us now great to have you here on this historic day. As we talk about Judge Barrett and what is likely to come. Tell us a little bit you and your familys relationship with Judge Barrett, of course, so good to be with you. So my mother and MRS Barrett clerked, together on the Supreme Court, my mom was in Justice, Thomas Chambers, of course, Judge Barrett was in Justice, Scalia Leahs. After that my mom joined the faculty at Notre Dame LAW School MRS Barrett joined thereafter.
We have been friend and neighbors all our life siblings match up and we spent much of our life together. Jedediah judge, Barretts faith has been brought up. Many on the left and social media are criticizing that what do you see as those that see her faith is a problem and worry her faith will play too strongly a role in her rulings. Far from being something to criticize, I think, judge. Barretts faith is an inspiration to us all. It shows how ones commitment informs her. Courage informs her courage and allow her to be an incredible supreme court. Justice Jedediah speak to her character as well. One thing that will happen the process will be tough. It will not be easy. Her family will be likely targeted by some a lot of personal attacks thrown her way. Is she prepared for this? What about her character would make her prepare for something like this? If anyone can handle confirmation hearing with grace and poise, I think it is MRS Barrett. We saw that in twenty seventeen as Sheehan delled, the Senate Judiciary Committee, then
I think well see it again. As she said, she recognizes that the role of a judge is one that calls for both humility and courage, and I think she will bring that ive seen her juggling so much as a mother of seven and as a law professor, I think you will see that she has what it takes to handle this with grace and with confidence Jedediah Maggie. Thank you so much for joining us from what ive seen of Judge Barrett im very impressed with both her record and presentation, looking forward to hear more.
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