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Family of kidnapped Marine veteran Austin Tice pleads for his release

2020-11-21 | 🔗
Austin Tice was kidnapped in Syria in 2012; mother Debra Tice provides an update
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To learn more go to sleepnumber dot com to learn more go PETE! Welcome! Back its been more than eight years since journalist and Marine veteran Austin Tice went missing in war torn Syria, the seventh generation Texan was coverings the situation in Damascus when he was kidnapped just three days after his 31st birthday. His family is pleading with: U Dot S officials to make every possible effort with the syrian government to bring Austin Home Austins mother Debra Tice joins us now with an update Debra. Thank you. So much for being with us this morning were here with a heavy heart. As I know you have its been eight years and running, if you would, will you update our audience on Austin what happened, and what do you know right now? Well, we have never been closer to having Austin home. He was detained in Syria. Were tremendously grateful for president trumps commitment to bring Austin home.
He has both the will and the ability to get this done. Mr President, as commander in chief, we need you to step in and issue a direct order to your staff to maximize the effort and take the necessary steps to make this happen. Hopefully your people have told you what it takes. They tell me they need your orders. We know you care deeply about Austin. We know you can get this done. We need you to oversee this until Austin is on his way home. You know. Pete. President Trump has one of the strongest records on bringing american hostages home. He has made a commitment to work hard to get Austin Home and its not too late to keep that commitment to Austin his national security adviser. Right now, Robert Obrien was in charge of hostage recovery before he became national security adviser. He gave an update on Austin on Monday Heres a portion of what he said
its been something I thought about every day as the hostage envoy and every day as national security adviser is how we get Mark and Debras Son back to them every tool, whether through allies or adversaries, we are doing everything we can to get Austin back like to see him back before he leaves office. Have you this any updates information from the ground? What do you know about where we might be earlier? This year, President Trump sent a letter to syrian President Bashar Assad appeared. He publicly asked that the Syrians work with him on this issue thought syrian government is ready to work with our government to facilitate Austins release. The process was well begun in September when a delegation met with syrian officials in Damascus- and we are now at a another moment where President trumps leadership will make a huge difference for Austin PETE. God bless Austin Debra. We will continue to follow this case,
and I know we would all love to see him home soon, no more, no one more than you. We want him home for the Holidays PETE. Thank you very much.
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