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Family rescues massive American flag that fell from perch over Utah canyon

2020-07-20 | 🔗
The Nord family joins 'Fox & Friends' after hiking for hours to retrieve the 50-pound flag in Utah's Little Willow Canyon.
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Ainsley, an all american Rescue Ainsley, an all american rescue, one Utah family, enduring a three hour hike to save a 50 pound american flag. For almost a decade. The Nord family gathered on Independence Day to help raise the massive flag in Little Willow Canyon well last year, when they noticed that it was missing. They rallied to save old glory and here on why this rescue was so important to them is Darren. Will Debbie and Lexie Good Morning to all four of you and your dogs laughter good morning, Ainsley good morning so Lexie, I understand you were the one that realized the flag you had just put up or your community just put up on July. Four was down right, yes, Ainsley! Okay, so tell us the story. What did you do next? I was on a walk with my dad and it was nice and windy, and I repeat that and hes like it is- and I said yes right up there
and my little brother climbed up and found it and shoved it down to the ledge Ainsley will, were you scared to climb up there? It looks pretty rocky it was. It was really rocky kind of had to make your own path all the way up there. I wasnt really scared. I wasnt thinking about the consequences, Ainsley, Darren and Debbie. I know you all are so proud of your kids. I be if my child did something like this Darren. What was your reaction when Lexie called you and said? I think the flag is down well, actually, we got called from neighbors and text messages, saying hey the flags down and before this all happened, I was helping and fundraising. Whenever we had vandalism, we had three bad years where we had vandalism where the flag was even shot nine times, so we kind of anticipated potential vandalism this year, especially with all the hype. So when I got the call, I immediately grabbed, you know
started yelling for all of the kids that we got to go so we just went without anything prepared and we didnt have a backpack or anything to carry it down. We went to find out what the problem was, so we drove up to where the flag was at near the canyon, and then I grabbed the neighbor and my kid just took off and just started going up the mountain, so they were out of sight and so im like yelling for them and thats. When I called Lexie and she was way up on top of the cliff and looking down- and she says I see it right there, im like where right in front of you and we had already climbed up before that, and we couldnt see it because there was still another ravine right in front of us. So we had to go down and back up again Ainsley Debbie. What does the flag mean to you and your family? We have great respect for the flag and we love this country and we love seeing flag flying in the canyon.
It means a lot to us and a lot to our community. We just really appreciate that our neighbors do it and its just a great reminder of the sacrifices that people came before us and very patriotic about it. Ainsley gosh, its beautiful, were looking at the video that you shot of it when it was hanging up. Are you going to hang it back up not this year. Unfortunately, the flag has been tattered and torn and were really sad about that and we need equipment and we need to raise more money to be able to get the flag back up next year. Ainsley all right well go ahead. He had to do this all on his own funds when this started, but when he went to go, have the time to do all of the repairs. Its like. We cant be doing that its a community effort so thats. Why, when I took it upon
myself to go on social media and raise money to help pay for the repairs, Ainsley youre, a patriot for doing that. So if you at home want to donate here is the information you can search little Willow american flag Project and its a gofundme page. You could google it find the story on our website if you are not in front of the computer right now. Thank you guys. So much God bless.
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