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Family speaks out after being kicked off plane for 2-year old refusing to wear mask

2020-12-14 | 🔗
Colorado natives Eliz and Erhard Orban discuss getting kicked off of a United Airlines flight because their two-year old refused to wear a mask.
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We just got kicked off the we just got kicked off the flight, because our 2 year old would not put on a mask and we tried and they are sending all of our bags and her car seat to New York, because a 2 year old would not put on a mask Ainsley. A Colorado family is outraged after being kicked off their united flight because their 2 year old daughter, as you heard her, say, wouldnt put on the mask on board the plane. This morning they are speaking out after their video about the incident went viral and they now say it was flagged on both twitter and Instagram. Here, with an update, is elouise and her husband, husband, good, mor you both good morning Ainsley, any parent, thats flown with a little toddler or infant. We can relate to the stress you feel, and on top of that, having to put a mask on a 2 year old, I understand thats their rule, but I watched the whole video last night. Your daughter would not put it on so tell us what happened exactly
Elise. I will start with you, so we have flown united. Many times actually flown with her two months ago and we never had a problem, we had been treated very nicely. Nobody has ever told us to put a mask on her because she is two every public place. We go to its, never been a problem going into that flight too. We just assumed it would be like its been for the past couple of months and the first moment that we stepped on the plane right off the bat we got treated very badly like no. How are you guys good morning? Just how old is she so my husband told them she is two and they proceeded to tell us. We will have to put a mask on her and we said well, we didnt bring a mask because she has not worn a mask, they said well, she is going to have to wear it. We asked for them to give us a mask. They gave us one. We went to our seats. Sat down, tried to put it on her and between that interaction and us having to supervisor come and telling us we have to get off the plane. There was no interaction between
us and the flight attendants, nothing just that first one and then the supervisor coming over saying you guys have to get off the plane, Ainsley thats. What gets us lack of compassion? I understand the rules are the rules, but just to treat you differently on the last three or four flights that you have flown sings, the pandemic than this flight. You said your daughter has never worn a mask whats your reaction to the way you are treated on Instagram and Twitter. Have you been sensorred some of the comments on twitter? It said sensitive contents. I understand its no longer on there. Instagram said something your account might be deleted. It doesnt meet their standards. Yeah I mean that is extremely frustrating as well were documenting what actually happened and those facts are now being shown as inappropriate or sensitive content which, in my opinion, doesnt make any sense. Ainsley United released this statement. The health and safety of our customers is our highest
priority, which is why we have a multilayered set of policies, including mandating that everybody on Giordaano, two and older, wears a mask. These procedures are not only backed by guidance at the CDC and partners at the Cleveland Clinic consistent across every major airline. We are investigating the specific incident and have made contact with the family. I have heard you guys are banned from United the rest of your lives, and then I heard that that changed is that accurate, Eliz or either one of you honorablettesly. We dont, really know we did get a reach out from United on Saturday. They called to see if we got our bags and how add line was doing and proceeded to tell us. They are investigating the situation to see, if not us, but if our 2 year old daughter is banned from United Ainsley. What very unclear what we were told and now what we are hearing Ainsley? What about the car seat really quickly? Did they give you one? I thought about that. If your car seat is on the plane, how did you get home?
We made a big deal about that brought the plane back into the.
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