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Father and son graduate police academy together

2020-11-27 | 🔗
Winston and Christian Edmondson appear on 'Fox & Friends' to discuss graduating police academy together.
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The health department still revoked his license to serve food Steve. Thank you, Carley Great story, a father and some coming together to serve the community. Winston and his son Christian have graduated from a Texas Police Academy together marking the first time a Father son duo, completed the rigorous training. At the same time, Winston and Christian join us right now from Lewisville Texas, guys good morning to you good morning, good morning, Steve Christian, you decided early on. You wanted to devote your life to law enforcement. Why? So? It was actually my dad that gave me the idea he told me. It would be something that I would be good at. I poked around and talked to some of of my resource office in high school enrolled applied and got hired and went on from there Steve, okay, very good. So Winston you talk your son
into going into law enforcement, but you werent in law enforcement, and so he gets into the academy, and you think you know what thats a great line of work. Despite so headlines, you see these days im going to try to get into the academy with my son right. Tell us that yeah, it kind of caught me off guard, because I had been encouraging both of my sons to get into law enforcement. I didnt know that he was serious or ready to do it yet and then, when he told me that he had signed up, he had gotten the job and he was already enrolled to be in police academy. I didnt want him to jump ahead of me, so I immediately went up to the academy and I was practically begging them to get me in at that point. It was actually too late. There wasnt enough time to get me in. I want to extend my thanks here on the air to Mr Mcgregor, because I think he just knew how special it would be if he could get us in. So he worked overtime to at that last minute to squeeze me in, and you know every day he would say I dont think were
going to do it im going to try but dont get your hopes up one day he said Winston you are in thats. When I knew yeah we would get to do this together, Steve. That is awesome christian. You are probably thinking man, I cant shake this guy. Is he at home? And now at the academy with me, I understand you guys carpooled together and things like that. But at the same time you are a driven young man, and I understand you are very competitive with your father. Yes, sir, tell me about that. We have a very competitive nature. Our family likes to get into arguments and stuff before it was nothing about law enforcement or anything, but we started as we would be on the way driving to class. We would be talking about some scenarios and kind of giving our take, and I dont really like that. What do you think about this, and also on the physical aspect when it came to defensive tactics, he was in much better shape than I thought he was going into it Steve. That is great of to you say
I note Christian: have you already got a job Winston you are looking for. One ultimately is the dream for you: two to work together as a couple of buddy cops and drive around in a car together like a tv show, because if you do get that job, I would imagine some reality producer going to knock on your window and said this is a tv show. We have got to put cameras in this car laughter. Well, I will tell you at his swearing in which, for me was a proud moment to see him give that oath and become a police officer right before my eyes after he stepped aside. I spoke with his chief and we kind of talked about hey what, if I did come to and work with you I think for now. I do want to him to have his ability to you know be with his own officer and not have dad in the same department. I want to go to maybe a smaller department, Steve right, where I can really feel like im, making a difference in that community, whereas he has a larger department and the community already loves. You
know the community loves their police officers, so he is right where he needs to be. I feel like I want to go somewhere where maybe I can get to the community and try to build a relationship where you know. Sometimes there is already some mistrust between certain communities and law enforcement. I would love to try to get in there and make a difference and try to make a change Steve guys. Thank you very much for dedicating your lives to making us all safe. Congratulations to you, Winston, following in the footsteps of your son, Christian into the academy, Laughter Steve into law enforcement. Thank you Steve guys. Thank you.
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