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Father of Ohio State star Shaun Wade reacts to Big Ten football returning

2020-09-17 | 🔗
Randy Wade, father of Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade, weighs in on the Big Ten announcing the return of the football season on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Jillian good morning were back Jillian good morning were back with quick headlines, the: U Dot S set to bring back sanctions on IRAN this weekend it could cause a show down at the United Nations. As some countries say, the move is illegal. The Trump adminitration is expected to restore sanctions that were eased under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal, and today President Trump expects to get a report on a companys bid to buy Tiktok. The president says: hes not ready to sign off on anything just yet because he has to see the deal first. The report is about a bid for the video sharing app by computer Software Company Oracle, Brian Brian, all right thanks so much Jillian. So some real big news yesterday and the president was extremely excited. He played a role in it: the parents, the players and the president worked hard with heel officials to get the big ten to play football. Why we learned more about this virus number two. As you know, the acc is playing. The F cc is playing, and maybe the PAC 12 will be playing. So that is great news. They are going to play football. One of the people that made this
happen is a parent, Randy, W Ade and still deciding whether hes going to come back or just be a first round draft pick without even playing this year, but Randy it wasnt about your son. This was about playing football and the families and players in the big ten wasnt it. Oh yeah, oh yeah. It was definitely not about me. It was about these parents and different situations that the kids are in and by them not playing in the fall. It just hurt them tremendously and not just like in their feelings, but as far as preparing for the draft and stuff like tax, just holding them back Brian. So when you saw the SEC, the ACC Playing football, you actually saw them play. What were you thinking? The frustration must have been off. The charts im like this is crazy. This is crazy. The big ten is the best conference in America is not playing. The NFL is playing and were not playing, and it just was unthinkable. It was unthinkable
Brian. So you have your son Shawn, whose still deciding whether he wants to come back or not, and you just tell me hes worried because in his head, hes preparing for the combines and preparing for the pros, so youre worried about him coming back this year in a season that has him playing in a few weeks right yeah. This is not an ordinary season ordinary season. So coming back quick, you know it is my focus so right now yesterday was his birthday, so we partied yesterday we are just getting up and were going to talk about it later on in the day, but whats more important right now for his future whats more important winning the championship at Ohio, state or running a four point. Three in the combine you know he has to think about his future at the same time, its not his fault that this happened for thirty something
days with no information, no transparency, but were going to definitely think about it, Brian. So the word from the conference is, while were so much better off than we were five weeks ago, so much more prepared than we were forty three days ago. Do you think thats it that were better prepared, that they have different protocols, or do you think its something else? I definitely think its something else, but im sitting here with the rest of the parent s and were happy that, at the end of the day, we wanted transparency, but at the end of the day the bottom line was we want to make football safe. We as a parent and the fans, thought they shut it down too early. Of course we dont know it. Dont seem to matter our kids are playing and have a chance to play for the national championship. Brian Randy, your son is going to go pro, but its not about
going pro. Is it its about the team? The journey thatll never be replaced and those moments for parents, players, fans the school. You wont, have the fans in the stands, but they will have something to watch. This was a unnecessary sacrifice. Final thought: yes, unnecessary sacrifice. My final thought is the parents from the big ten. We need to stay together and build some kind of union to have a voice for the players. The players go through so many things that have nothing to do with coronavirus on a daily basis and it gets brushed under the rug by different schools and we need to stay together and form a union for the players because they have no voice. Everybody else does Brian well dont stop, even when your son graduates and whatever he decides to do, because you are definitely a powerful voice. Pac 12, you saw what just happened. Get your act together, get some protocols, the resources. Are there get back on the field? Randy thanks so much and I hope Shawn makes the right decision. He cant make a wrong decision. Would love to see him on the
field. If not well, see him.
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