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Female voters discuss how they plan to cast their ballot this year

2020-11-01 | 🔗
'Fox & Friends' panelists discuss their thought processes in last days before polls close
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Mailed on time, Brian Brian thanks a lot meanwhile, with two days to go until the election, a record. Ninety one point: six million Americans have already cast their ballots. Jedediah Bila is interviewing women. Voters Jed, take it away, Jedediah thanks so much Brian and thats right. I am here with Dr Janine Downey, who is voting for former vice President Joe Biden, Rebecca Gregory, who is voting for President Trump and first time voter Alexander Jarrett Alexander. I want to start with you Rebecca Ing. If you can, let us know the details as to why youre voting the way that you are and what method youre using. Are you choosing to vote in person mail in early a little insight into that? I am voting in person thats. Just my preferred method, and I understand people are afraid of covid and want to mail in and thats fine.
I picked trump because I thought he did a fantastic job. The last four years, im very concerned about gun rights and its very obvious that Trump is pro. Second amendment or Biden is Anti second amendment. He wants to put a tax on guns that would only allow the wealthy to be gun owners at this point im very happy with the way the economys going right now and overall. I just think that his immigration stance is great. Weve, seen peace in the Middle EAST that we havent seen in years. North Korea is less of a threat than it has been overall im happy with the job hes done, and I want to comet it on for another four years: Jedediah Janine. As I understand it, you already voted for Joe Biden Insight into why you made the choice to support Joe Biden and why you voted early. Thank you for having Maine. I feel that injustice anywhere affects justice everywhere.
So as an african american female doctor, im interested in the affordable care act, the pandemic of racism and police brutality coronavirus, two hundred and thirty thousand people are not going to be at their thanksgiving and holiday tables. This year, im interested in global warming, education for all, I dont want any more babies in cages, and I am catholic and proud to be pro choice and pro birth control. So those are many many many reasons why I am voting for Biden and Harris Jedediah. Thank you for that and Jaren. This is very exciting because you are a first time voter. I remember the first election I voted in. That was super exciting. What made you feel passionate about your vote this year and what made you decide the method you voted early, election day, etc. Yeah honestly im so excited to vote in my Paris presidential election first presidential election, its a very important election for me, and I think for everyone this year and honestly, I think its just as important for
people to give back and hear the truth out there. I personally do not feel that I am oppressed and I will not live my life in such a way. So im proud of a president that does not make me feel like that and continues to push the idea of the american Dream and im also voting actually today, after this interview for the five ward in Chicago. Yes, I will be voting today and I will be going in person. I do not agree with mail in voting. I think absentee ballot voting and mail in voting are the same thing, but they are not absentee. Ballots are requested by the voters and mail in voting is sent in by the state. You guys were talking earlier on the show about how the USPS Inaudible the systems outdated. There are people receiving
mail in votes for members that are dead, receiving votes at addresses that no longer live at its very outdated Jedediah. Well, we want to thank you all for joining us. Obviously, the female votes going the to be very important this time around as it always is you all sound, very passionate in the reasons why you chose the candidate that you did so happy election laughter and well be watching closely thanks for sharing your voices today,.
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