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Filmmaker on illegal immigration: It needs to be stopped, it’s taking lives

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Namrata Singh Gujral, filmmaker, reacts to a documentary exposing the negative impact of illegal immigrants.
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Demonizing you in South DAK stand by you PETE back to you, PETE that shooting them in the legs is one of looking at a topic. Hollywood avoids negative consequences of the illegal immigration. The pillar of community was killed by a man deported at least twice this action of my son. We are destroyed forever one qualified for assistance, zip code or a county. This is excuse, after excuse, im, leaving inaudible reporter our next guest. A registered Democrat who made the film said the experience was eye opening. She didnt predict how much it would change her own views on the issue. Joining me now with more is Numrada. Thank you very much for being here. You wanted to get the ground truth of illegal immigration. You thought you had one view you came out with a different one.
What did you see good morning PETE? I actually started the film with a very pro illegal immigration. Pro caravan standpoint. I did a about face in the film and takeaway from the film. For me at this point is that illegal immigration is a really bad idea, no matter what side of the border youre on whether youre, a migrant or you are american, it needs to be stopped. It takes lives. It is a terrible, terrible practice and Americans should be out in droves, stopping it not trying to stop someone who is stopping wit, which is why President Trump is trying to build the wall. Will that is amazing? Most people setting out on a project like this will use confirmation bias to set about proving their preexisting viewpoint. What evidence did you see that you made that made? You believe this is a practice that has to stop well, we featured four
stories in the film and two of the stories are migrants, workers that come to the? U dot s and what happens with them. So we followed their stories and the other two are stories of Americans who had a very more than negative. One of them actually died as a result of illegal immigration, and I think that the one theyre all very important stories. All of these people represent a diaspora of the immigrants and as well as recipients that does not have a good experience with illegal immigration at all, but I think the ones with the 6 year old, the story I started following initially. There was no reason for that child to be on that desert. On the: U Dot S Mexico border Dehigh, it dad dying. I was talking to someone yesterday in an interview im, a woman of color. You can tell a Democrat and
when the squad started with Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib Ilhan Omar wow, you have more people like me in the party. This is this good, and but when I saw Rashida Tlaib crying over the mothers and daughters being separated at the border and then when I traveled the world- and I actually found out the truth, I cant imagine why Rashid today or Ilhan would not have done that research. Surely they know what is going on? If you are there, you looked at some of these things. It is not rocket science, it is evidence it is in your face. You can see that the people who are coming to our border are not, for the most part persecuted. There is no violence, not even poverty, because really impoverished cant make it to
impoverished cant, make it to our borders.
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